Posted March 19, 2010 by Greg Dragon in Coming Soon

Whoa, Predators looks Scary!

You know what Robert Rodriguez, you had me at Adrian Brody. Being that I am a Sci-Fi fanboi through and through, (my reviews speak to this) and I am a fan of the Aliens/Predator lore, this trailer has me excited. From what I can tell from the trailer, the human mercs have landed on a lush planet and are really the chosen prey for the young Predator hunters. For years we have all seen humans get over, even though the Predators are beastly in their fighting prowess and space-age weaponry. We saw Sanaa Lathan get branded a warrior by one when she alone survived the battle in AVP and we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger struggle to take one out in the original Predator. This time it looks like there are more than one coming at them and with hottie extraordinaire Alice Braga in the line-up (grumble, grumble should’ve been Michelle Rodriguez, grumble) I will be there before opening night.

Now sit back, relax and witness the predatory awesomeness of Robert Rodriguez’s Predators. Coming soon to the Spice!

Greg Dragon

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