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What Really Happened to Nate Moretta of SouthLAnd

Sorry SouthLAnd fans but the events of last night were not a figment of your imagination, our beloved Nate Moretta is no more and according to Kevin Alejandro, it was always meant to be this way.

For those who may have missed episode 3.4 “Code Four”, Nate Moretta was killed (by the same Gangsters who once liked him) over the arrest of one of their members “Spider”. The death was vicious and personal as a gang member took a metal pipe and brained the detective as he was leaving their neighborhood on what seemed like friendly terms. It was sudden, shocking and more devastating a twist than any I’ve witnessed on television.

I cannot be the sole fan of SouthLAnd who felt that a likable character like Nate Moretta deserved more camera time than he received for these 3 seasons. The combination of that and the latest disaster in partner Sammy Bryant’s (Shawn Hatosy) life was diminishing his time with us fans and with that being said, I am not super surprised to see him get killed off. This newest flip rocked us fans in a major way, my girlfriend visibly wept, the blogs are now abuzz with “WTF” from fans and SouthLAnd already feels different without the smiling, charismatic face of the late detective Nate Moretta.

This newest flip rocked us fans in a major way

But fans, do not be mad at Kevin Alejandro, this is not a case like Rene Cordero (Amaury Nolasco) in Season 2 where he leaves due to contractual issues. Kevin has a solid part in HBO’s True Blood series and has known about his character’s ultimate demise for quite some time now. It adds realism to an already real show with the fact that cops face the chance of death every single day that they are out.

It will be quite a task for the writers to keep Sammy relevant and likable without Nate there to babysit him, Nate also had a lovely wife and kids so picking up the pieces will be a task. But based on the type of writing SoutLAnd has delivered up until now, we know that things will continue on smoothly even with the loss of Nate.

Fans of Kevin Alejandro, be sure to tune into HBO’s True Blood to keep the support up for him. He is an awesome character actor and one of our favorite guys here at Spicy Movie Dogs.

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