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V Recap 2.2 – Serpent’s Tooth

One of the most eventful episodes of V still managed to be as uninspiring as they come. Anna’s mother Diana apparently was one of the first Visitors to come down to earth and has managed to learn about music, culture and the soul. These things she reluctantly shares with Anna (Morena Baccarin) after being threatened by her daughter if she didn’t tell her. Seems Anna is at odds with her newly found human emotions and wants to shed them as soon as possible.

Taking the opportunity to give Ryan’s baby daughter human skin, the queen uses the baby to entice Ryan (Morris Chestnut). She has her doctors purposefully make the baby sick, citing to Ryan that the baby had contracted an unknown sickness from being a hybrid and Anna would help her if Ryan plays ball. In the meantime Ryan had visited father Jack (Joel Gretsch) to talk about his tortured existence and to see if he had a soul like humans did. Jack informs him that every living person has a soul but Anna’s influence on him is too much for him to believe it. In the end Ryan agrees to rejoin his queen for the sake of his baby daughter.

Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) is still investigating the bombings when her superior teams her up with the shady Agent Malik (Rekha Sharma) who is a Visitor plant made to oversee the FBI. Hobbes (Charles Meshure) gets a tip off on Malik’s true nature and he informs Erica who almost catches Malik in an area where she was not authorized due to her bleeding from losing a tooth (the Visitor’s teeth are almost 6 inches long when detached – yuck!) When the two women share a ride to investigate another area, they reveal their cards and begin fighting, resulting int heir vehicle being overturned leaving them pinned underneath and ready to claw each other’s eyes out.

Lisa (Laura Vandervoot) we find out is the last of the queens and the only Visitor able to lay the eggs that would become their future generation. Lisa of course is a sympathizer to the human cause and a member of the 5th Colony. Now with this knowledge of her invaluable womb for the Visitor future, us fans need not worry for her life anymore – this of course doesn’t stop Lisa from being frightened of her mother. Anna probes the mind of one of the fallen 5th Colony members for any possible double-crossers and discovers that Erica Mitchell was involved in the destruction of her eggs…

Some suicide bombers (oddly inspired by Jack’s sermons) that were trying to take out Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) cease their attempts with the help of Erica, Ryan seems to be swayed back to the Visitor’s side and the mother/daughter wars have begun where it is Anna’s mother versus Anna and Lisa versus her mom. while this ep was one that I would rank on the weak side, it does lead to some strong anticipation abotu the future of Anna and Ryan.

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