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V Recap 1.9 – Heretic’s Fork

Starting off where the last episode left off, Hobbes (Charles Meshure), Jack(Joel Gretsch) and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) are still questioning the assassin on why he a human was killing off other humans along with visitor Fifth Column members to where he reveals that his family was in danger if he didn’t carry out the assassinations. Ryan(Morris Chestnut) and Valerie(Lourdes Benedicto) make it back home to collect a few items to go on the run, on the way she gives him trouble based on the new lack of trust and mystery behind his identity. Reluctantly Ryan admits to being a Visitor and let her know that Anna was now going to be looking for her to take the baby. When they get back to his apartment he is attacked by two Visitors and he thwarts the attack easily, cutting one of them deeply from his ear down to his neck revealing the true skin beneath. Valerie freaks out, wondering at what it is she carries within her. The fight between Ryan and the Visitors was extremely well done and was a tribute to Morris Chestnut’s physical ease with doing the action scenes.

Anna (Morena Baccarin) feels the pressure of the Fifth Column threat now that a hybrid baby is a reality and shows a level of fear never seen before on the show. She stresses to Lisa (Laura Vandervoot) that she must accelerate things with Tyler (Logan Huffman) and that he must join the “Live Aboard” program.  Ryan says his goodbyes to Erica and heads out of town with his girlfriend and Visitor doctor friend in tow. Anna’s plans for Tyler are still unclear although he seems quite eager to do whatever she asks of him.  With Ryan knowing the ins and outs of Visitor protocol, he and the doctor give Valerie a shot to counter the tracking device the Visitors had placed within her blood stream and it helps to keep her hidden for awhile. Desperate to find the hybrid life-form and kill it, Anna sends forth a “soldier” to find Ryan and the baby. This soldier turns out to be a real sunovabitch.

V Soldiers are ridiculously scary, this guy finds the Thompsons who are taking care of Ryan and Val by hiding them within their house and he kills the wife and husband before setting upon Ryan. More than meeting his match in the fight, Ryan is thrown aside like a rag doll until Erica and Jack show up to put a few rounds into the soldier. While Hobbes had the assassin hostage with Jack, Erica had done some in depth investigation, found out the guy was hardcore military, found where his wife lived and most importantly found that the Visitors had cured the man’s daughter of paralysis. There it is, he had a special place in his heart for the V’s so had become a weapon for them. Leaving Hobbes finally to his torture methods after learning that the assassin was a liar, Erica and Jack got the information on the whereabouts of the Thompsons and was able to show up on time to save Ryan.

This was our first time witnessing a V soldier at work, the damn thing took like 10 bullets, an axe to the chest and an assortment of blows, all doing absolutely nothing to stop him. And to think queen Anna had just laid about a million of these things a few episodes back. Lisa confuses me yet again near the end as she first follows her mother’s orders to convince Tyler to join Live Aboard then upon meeting his mother has a change of heart and tries to convince him against it. Thinking it was something his mother said to Lisa, Tyler is even more adamant about joining Live Aboard and takes off like an angry teenager. Valerie tells Ryan she does not forgive him and while she will hide away to have the baby she doesn’t ever want to see him again. It is all a bit much and while Valerie goes into hiding, Anna doubles her effort to find the hybrid baby and shows hints of seeing through her daughter’s facade.

One person who I leave out of my recaps aplenty has been Chad Decker (Scott Wolf). I feel his role in the big picture is a tad too uninteresting to recap as Anna’s pet human News boy but in this episode she removes his supposed brain aneurysm and he feigns loyalty to her. Believing him to be falling for her ploy of being his friend, Anna tells Chad about her troubles with the Fifth Column and asks him to do a News story on them as a threat to Visitor safety. Chad takes it upon himself to visit father Jack inquiring about Fifth Column members within his church and the convenience of him seeing the main priest of the show’s cast just made the Chad Decker portion of V even more ridiculous.

This was a solid episode and it seems as if the writing has found a rhythm to stick to for the season. Lets see what happens next when the Fifth Column of Erica, Hobbes, Jack and Ryan accidentally blows up a ship of human beings thinking it soldiers from Anna’s army!

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