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V Recap 1.8 – We Can’t Win

V showed signs off greatness this episode, as we get a bit of closure on a few topics along with pacing that was actually satisfactory.

Ryan (Morris Chestnut) is still searching for fiancé Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) after she found his fake passports and fake ultrasound that led to her wanting answers. Not knowing whether she should trust Ryan, she sought them out by herself without notifying him and he had to have Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) break FBI protocol in order to track his girl’s cellular phone. Ryan eventually catches up with her at a Visitor’s clinic where after seeing the half-breed baby within her, the so-call doctor tried to kill her. Luckily Ryan was there in time to apply what looked like some sort of exotic visitor choke hold on the doctor, taking his life and rescuing his future wife from the arms of death.

Members of the Fifth Column had been coming out left and right after the big announcement that “John May Lives” brought them out of hiding. It turns out that five Fifth Columnists were murdered and the FBI was investigating it. The FBI now knows the name of the organization touts them as anti-Visitor and conveniently places Erica in charge of it. After another few die, Erica and company blame themselves for showing the John May message and it made me think that this was Anna (Morena Baccarin) behind the deaths.  In a strange twist of fate it turns out that it’s actually a human that is hunting the Fifth Column and when asked why he was doing what he was doing (under torture by Hobbes), he replied “because we can’t win”. This episode also made Kyle Hobbes (Charles Meshure) grow on me quite a bit as a necessary hard-ass in the collective off renegades. Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), who normally brings up the pious, good side of things gets hardened quite a bit in this episode after a young man who he attempted to rescue was shot down by the Fifth Column assassin.

Anna’s daughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoot) gets herself into trouble when she fails the empathy test on the Visitor ship. When the person doing the test tells her that he has to take her life because of her mother’s order that anyone emphasis on ANYONE that fails the test should be taken out immediately, she begins to worry and finds comfort in the arms of the estranged Tyler (Logan Huffman) who is still angry at his parents for having deceived him about his father. Shipping off on a private ship, the two teens discuss their feelings and Lisa without revealing her fate, lets Tyler have her virginity.

The lovers return to the Visitor ship holding hands with a glow about them that confirmed my feelings that the union between them was real. Dismissing Tyler with a happy resolution of sadness behind her eyes Lisa bravely accepts her fate to die but luckily the person who had done the empathy test was a member of the Fifth Column who lies to Anna that her daughter did in fact pas the empathy test. When Lisa hears the good news from him, he lets her know that she now owes him a favor.

As usual the episode ends with much to consider, as now the Fifth Column who are we supposed to be the defenders of the human race against the manipulative visitors are being tracked down and killed by human assassins. Father Jack looks to have reverted back to soldier mode after having that man die in his arms and Tyler is in love with his Visitor girlfriend Lisa, who is not only into him just as hard, but feels empathy towards the human race as a whole… if only her momma knew, what hell that would bring!

Who would have thought that the daughter of Anna, sent to force human boy Tyler to fall in love with her for the “future of her race”, would turn around and betray her mother by being the one to fall in love with the boy who she was sent to manipulate? You have to love the Romeo and Juliet angle of the whole thing behind this. So far, this episode right here has been the best of the lot. Great pacing, kept my interest and necessary character changes and developments that make you want to stick around for more. With episodes like this, I look forward to following the Fifth Column in it’s fight against the diabolical visitor queen Anna.

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