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V Recap 1.7 – John May

So little Tyler (Logan Huffman) is not the son of this new guy that was forced on us in the last episode huh? Does anybody care? Outside of Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) bawling her eyes out as her son ran away with Lisa (Laura Vandervoot), I’m not sure if this was supposed to be some huge deal or not. If there is anything that plagues the pacing and the writing for V, it is the all too convenient occurrences.

Ryan (Morris Chestnut) needs a communicator to speak with a Visitor (who he met for a 5 minute chat while aboard) to make sure that Georgie (David Richmond-Peck) is still alive after his torture. In order to procure this communicator, he must go to the home of the elusive John May (Michael Trucco) – the man who led and inspired the 5th Column of which he is a member. Somehow, he and his rogue group of anti-Visitors find May’s home in a matter of moments.  As I said, conveniences, the step son is home alone but he has a Visitor girlfriend with him. While Ryan takes the boy to the side to discuss John May; Erica, Jack (Joel Gretsch) and the worthless tough guy try to cosy up to the girlfriend in the kitchen. They ask where she’s from, to which she replies “LA”, they ask what school she says “UCLA” – yet when they quiz her on the mascot by making up a fake one, she nodded in agreement thus revealing that she was in fact a Visitor. What!?! Oh ya then she pulls out the lizard claws and they kill her (boooo).

Out of everything though, the dialogue, acting and circumstances of the trio: Tyler, Lisa and Tyler’s dad was the absolute worst. The emotion seemed plastic, Lisa being a bitch somehow doesn’t sit well with me given her character’s look and feel. And the father thing, it’s such a dumb angle to take in the obvious attempt at creating a reason for Tyler betraying the human race. First of all, Tyler seems like a pretty independent and level headed kid. Second he’s very likeable and one of the less annoying personalities on the show. So why take this angle with him? Intelligent Sci-Fi fans aren’t going to buy it, just like I don’t . Sigh, if anything this should do it for the supposed “reasoning” for his betrayal, while I know it is necessary in order to parallel this show with the original, I still found it a bit uncreative, and uninspired. MOM YOU LIED TO ME WAHH! Give me a break V, please get better.

So fans unanimously have been mostly interested in the Ryan/Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) reveal. It is probably the only well written bit requiring suspense in the script so that is understandable. Well Val finds Ryan’s safe while poking around and instead of continuing her “good girl” role by waiting on her man to show her what it is. She instead hires in a guy to come and reset the code (not sure how this happens but whatever) then proceeds to rifle through her fiance’s things. She finds the real ultra-sound pictures and a ton of passports and weapons… I assume from his past employment as an agent for Anna (ya we find that out too this episode.) When the episode ends, we see Ryan enter the apartment to find it disheveled and his loving fiance gone. The open safe with his belongings strewn about is his sign that she now knows, his face reads “oh shit!”  And our moments of anticipation shattered. Not the most spectacular method of revealing it but it works, I guess.

So lets sum things up for those of you who want to know what was revealed in this episode:

  • Ryan originally murdered John May then had a change of heart after
  • Ryan was once a hunter/seeker for Anna before the Fifth Column
  • Lisa is a huge manipulator but is consequentially still cute
  • Valerie now knows some of Ryan’s secrets and that she carries a Visitor baby
  • Jack gives Georgie his last rites via communication device and he is now dead
  • Tyler hates his parents and will be having sex with Lisa soon
  • Anna hatched a million perfectly round eggs inside some mysterious pool of water
  • John May’s step-son knows Ryan killed his father and is now part of the team.

I really begin to worry for this show’s future. I have yet to be wowed by any occurrences, action sequences or visuals. At this point I am simply tuning in to support it as a fan of everything Science Fiction. Get better fast V, please get better.

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