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The Spiciest Movies of 2010

What a year huh? It has been a rough one in 2010 having to follow-up on a year that brought us gems such as James Cameron’s Avatar, The Hurt Locker, District 9Black Dynamite and the list goes on. One thing that did feel good about the tremendous year that 2009 had was the return of good Sci-Fi to the big screen. This year we had some obvious mistakes (and wasted money by myself in seeing these stinkers), remember: That awful Nightmare on Elm Street rehash? What about Jonah Hex, or Tekken (busts out laughing)? Yup the theater was really smelly this year but there were some real gems too, some of which barely missed my top 10, movies like: Shutter Island, Let Me In and Chloe. For me it was an average year, you had a bit of everything and many people lauding this as a terrible movie year are just spoilt from 2009’s offerings.

But enough of the Rabble Rousing from this guy, I present to you the 10 best movies of 2010 according to Spicy Movie Dogs. The list of course is from last to best, so I hope you get to see at least a few of these when they ping Netflix or Redbook. I had a wonderful time in the theater with all of these and I hope that my list will help some of you decide what to see from this year’s offerings.


Ya sure Adrian Brody is a freak and the alien, lady thing is kind of cute to you (admit it pervert nerds) but behind it all is a pretty interesting story that may just shock you (if you haven’t read any spoilers). I enjoyed Splice quite a bit and hope it gets a sequel really soon.

09 – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Despite great marketing, a kick-ass downloadable Video Game and a great soundtrack by Beck, nerds did not do their jobs and allowed SPVTW to have crappy numbers in the box office. Still this movie was a fun flashback into all the older video games and things of that sub-culture that I can think of. Not to mention that Ramona Flowers is played by the blazing hot Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but all-in-all it is a good movie that can be rewatched infinitely.

08 – The Town

Ben Affleck proves yet again that he needs to be directing instead of acting where he generates a whole lot of unnecessary hate from movie-watchers… seriously what is it? Oh ya Ben you have a very hateable face I guess, but The Town was a pretty cool and dynamic Gangster movie with a very New England twist (no black people… just kidding -__-). It had a shoot out that could rival the likes of Heat and it had a cast of players that do pretty well at the acting thing.

07 – The Social Network

What can I say, it’s about Facebook, and super reclusive nerds… yet it entertained in a major way! How do they pull that one off? Making this movie interesting was as much a feat as launching a multi-billion dollar social network online is my opinion. Still it was a cool movie and a great teaching tool for those who would consider partnering in any business with friends.

06 – Kick-Ass

Chloe Moretz bursts on the scene as a purple pixie chiblet who cusses, murders and can hold toe with grown men. Tutoring her in the fine art of kicking ass is Comic Book fanboi Nicholas “8MM” Cage. Ya it’s nuts like that and this is the movie that led to many pissed off parents who refused to read, ignored the big bright RATED R and assumed that bright colors and the words Comic Book would only lead to fun, safe antics for heir kids to watch. WRONG! Kick-Ass is for the big boys and was one adrenaline laced joy-ride into a bizarre story about a wannabe super hero.

05 – Tron: Legacy

The old movie left off in the 80’s and this one picks up into the future, with better CGI to showcase “The Grid” and there isn’t a thing lost in transition. Lovers of the original Tron willl love this one and every hot-blooded male will love the beautiful Olivia Wilde as Quorra. Light cycles, arenas of death and a virtual world of inifinite possibilities is just the tip of the iceberg in Tron: Legacy.

04 – Machete

I’ll tell you what, Machete may not text but he kicks a whole lot of ass when he gets pushed to the brink. Not to mention he loves on the ladies – not just any ladies but bangers such as Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba… ya it gets hot. I remember the Grindhouse duo that introduced the trailer to the then fictional movie and how myself and all of my friends were wishing that it was real. Well Robert Rodriguez heard our wishes and made it into reality, and what a reality it is.

03 – Inception

Twisting worlds, crazy action and a plot that will have you revisiting this movie at least 5 times before forming a solid opinion on what it is that is happening… this is Inception. If you want to use the term “Intelligent Movie” this is one of those that you can safely apply it to. This is a monstrous movie for Leonardo DiCaprio before his well needed hiatus from Hollywood and what a way to go out for Leo. Visually stunning, awesome soundtrack and with huge replay value.

02 – The Karate Kid

Yes Jaden Smith looks like he should be spoilt and annoying, you judge his hair, his family connections and his right to own his own franchise but you know what? Karate Kid transcended your hate, the Will Smith legacy and any cynicism attributed to the film. It was an absolutely great movie and one that restates the lessons that the original tried to bring across about Martial Arts. Not to mention it is one of the few movies to be led and carried through by actors of color that wasn’t written off by white audiences as foreign to them. No Karate Kid was loved by everyone and if you haven’t seen it, you should.

01 – Black Swan

Any movie that makes me want to check out a real Ballet performance is a winner in my book. This movie is a mind f-ck that will rob you of your breath and leave you stunned by the time the credit rolls. Natalie Portman delivers like only she can and Mila Kunis as her Wingman in this foray is absolutely solid. Black Swan is easily the movie of the year for Spicy Movie Dogs.

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