Posted March 27, 2011 by Greg Dragon in Coming Soon

Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins Looks Awesome

The trailer starts out with some shots of what seems to be a cruel master that is abusing his power through needless slaughter. At least that is what I gather from what I saw. 13 assassins are then hired to remove this man from power through any means necessary. Knowing the way of the samurai these men are probably going to have to be Ronin, outcasts, and master-less samurai – unless the hit was put out by a higher authority (so many questions). To put it plainly samurai typically don’t plot against the man with whom they call master and this bastard seems to be a Daimyo Lord. Still in extreme circumstances you have to do what you have to do.

Takashi Miike’s track record has been shaky at best, but normally when he’s on he’s on and this movie looks very much on. I cannot wait to get a chance to see it and watch this potential epic play out on the big screen. Take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.

Greg Dragon

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