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SouthLAnd Recap 2.3 – U-Boat

This episode of SouthLAnd featured the core group of Lydia (Regina King), Rene (Amaury Nolasco), Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and Ben (Ben Mckenzie). Chickie (Arija Bareikis) is still getting harassed by the boys and getting crap d...

Southland Recap 2.1 – Phase Three

So the Southland premier season ended with a bang and the new episode launched without missing a step in this beautiful dance of Cop drama. Season One’s finale showed us what detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) could do w...
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Southland – a fresh take on Police Drama

This isn’t The Shield, Law and Order or CSI, this is a dramatic take on the everyday lives of a handful of LAPD Cops and the atrocities they face in a gang nation. Southland offers nothing new in terms of police drama but that ...