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TV Show - Premier

The Cape – Season Premier

The Cape has a lot of good things going for it, so much so that the good inevitably removes traces of the bad and will leave its nerdy viewers satisfied. Unlike Heroes which took the X-Men premise and tried to normalize it with...
Spicy News Reel

The Spiciest Movies of 2010

What a year huh? It has been a rough one in 2010 having to follow-up on a year that brought us gems such as James Cameron’s Avatar, The Hurt Locker, District 9,  Black Dynamite and the list goes on. One thing that did fee...

Brand New Iron Man 2 Trailer Showcases New Suit!

Most of us are salivating at the mouth at the prospect of seeing Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) don the Red and Gold to fight off Whiplash in the Iron Man 2 sequel. Well did you know that Stark has several suits for different o...