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SouthLAnd Recap 5.9 – Chaos

southland chaos

The title for this episode being chaos is so appropriate given the happenings with everyone involved. It starts out tame enough with Lydia (Regina King) showing off her little one to her ex-partner Russell but the scene switches to John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and partner going out for a beer at a gay club. Pause… ya that happened.

For the longest time Henry Lucero (Anthony Ruivivar),  John’s partner has been very vocal about his disapproval of gay men and has not been shy about cracking jokes at his partners expense about it… the thing is, he never knew John was gay. So to get him to shut the hell up once and for all about the gay jokes, John tricks him into coming to a bar which Henry remarks is a “sausage-fest” when in fact it was a gay bar. After the big reveal and John surprisingly telling him about his sexual orientation, Henry pretends to be okay with it and then playfully challenges John to fight him outside and then proceeds to get serious saying “get the hell off of me you f-cking faggot” (or some variation of). Talk about awkward, the men go into work the next day barely speaking to one another.

Silent treatment continues for a time until they answer a call to a disturbance at an abandoned building where they find a dirty, drugged up meth head trying to steal some copper. John begins questioning the guy and Henry moves over to the side of the building to investigate and get’s knocked in the head by the butt of a rifle. Forgetting his training to go see about his buddy, John turns his back to the man he had detained to see about Henry and is held up at gunpoint and forced to strip down to his boxers and kidnapped.

* * *

The entire police department is brought in to find the missing cops once Cooper’s radio goes silent and Dewey (C.Thomas Howell) goes into a state of panic. On the other side of town Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) tries to smoke screen Sammy Bryant’s (Shawn Hatosy) attempts to go after an MBK leader for vandalizing his house and assaulting his babysitter. Sammy has no clue that his partner was the one who set it up with his girlfriend’s loser brother so he goes after the parolee who books it in fear of returning to prison on a trumped up charge. The cops chase the big man by car for a time then on foot when he dips into a housing division. Unfortunately the man, desperate to escape does a blind jump from the 3rd story of the building and impales himself on some exposed construction wire.

Ben consoles Sammy who feels bad for the way it turns out and is now in hot water for being in an unauthorized place, pursuing a random man for nothing other than revenge… more to come on this I am sure.

Cooper and Henry are handcuffed together in a rat hole of a house while the 2 men who kidnapped them smoke more drugs and erratically decide what they are going to do with them. Henry turns out to be the worst prisoner known to man and begins to freak out loudly to the 2 men. Eventually they get tired of him and pull him into a bathroom where I was afraid some Pulp Fiction / Deliverance type of punishment was about to happen to his booty hole but they chose instead to work him over and bloody his face.

 The cops get desperate as the day grew to evening and John notices that the quieter of the 2 had a habit of leaving his mobile phone unattended. When he gets a chance to steal the phone he does but was unfortunately caught and Henry is shot point blank by the phone’s owner. John is made to dig a shallow grave for his partner while cuffed and is only spared when the other kidnappers panic at the fact that they killed a cop and speeds off leaving his partner in the dust. The abandoned kidnapper takes a shot at John before jumping in another car to pursue his friend and the big man plays possum until he is sure that they were both gone.

Hobbling to a gas station in his dirty boxers and Under Armor, John Cooper begs the gas attendant to call the cops and slinks down on the dirty ground and cries. Wow! Who would have seen any of this coming? It is a shame that Henry will no longer be around but for John and the traumatic experience I wonder what this means.

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