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SouthLAnd Recap 5.8 – The Felix Paradox

ben and sammy at odds

Well Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) has officially dug himself a hole so deep that I cannot see any way for him to get out of it short of quitting the police force and living off of the trust-fund that his parents have set up for him.

Sammy Bryant’s (Shawn Hatosy) struggle to destroy the tape that has him assaulting his ex-wife put Ben in panic-mode being that he lied for his “friend” in order to have him win custody of his son. If Sammy let that tape slip Ben would be out of a job and brought up on criminal charges for the lie, so I understand the plight completely.

But what does Ben decide to do in order to fix this problem in security? Well the same thing any normal, good person would do (being sarcastic here), he sends the gangster brother of his girlfriend to break into his friends home and steal it. Trouble is however, the guy assaults and destroys the face of the babysitter, tags the wall with another gang’s tag, and endangers Sammy’s baby. Fans of Ben, I would love to hear your explanation about why this was a good idea… just admit it, your boy is beyond jacked up. He is on the way to dirty cop-ville.

Lydia Adams (Regina King) and Ruben’s (Dorian Missick) boring screen time continues—sorry I am kinda over this team since literally NOTHING happens concerning them—She gets offended at one point and he tells her she can’t get rid of him easily like her other 1,000 partners…  I think I saw her smile when he said it. Ugh! Then she goes and visits her old beta-male partner Russell… yawn!

A Baby for the Good Guy

John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) finds out that his partner is full of crap and is a fake person with anger issues. The man takes him to his estranged wife (or girlfriend, who knows) restaurant, pretends that they are in love, then proceeds to corner her in the kitchen as she tells him the kids are better off with him staying out of their lives like he has been. Cooper eavesdrops and then the man comes out talking as if he’s the luckiest husband in the world.

Cooper’s struggles with loneliness and impending doom are at an end though. He finds his ex-wife and tells her he is ready to give her the baby she always wanted, and to be there with her as a husband and father. While their thing would not be romantic (John likes the boys) I can see him being the greatest father a kid could ever ask for, and being the white knight that he is… it would be a win/win for her. Who would have the balls to hurt John Cooper’s wife? Of course she accepted.

I am happy for the big man.

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