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SouthLAnd Recap 5.7 – Heroes

john cooper in hallway

This was a Cooper episode; it was a crazy day of handcuffing his suicidal, drunk ex-trainer and being harassed by a priest to go see his evil, rapist father on his deathbed. John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) has to be the living version of Superman on this show because he has the weight of life thrown at him at every turn yet shakes it off and saves a life in the end.

This time that life is his former mentor; the old man is depressed and through with life after what he sees as a wasted legacy on the police force. He tells John that he is stupid and lucky that the LAPD accepted him and paid him $30k a year. How the police were going to chew him up, spit him out, and offer him a shit sandwich with an extra side of shit (how poetic). The final scene of the show has John returning home where he had the man handcuffed and the old man in his pissy underwear bears his tortured soul to his captor along with those things that I have described.

Cooper hears him out and realizes that his former hero was a broken man, he then tells him the story of his first real mission with another green partner. They had a situation where the criminal could have killed either of them and he was more afraid than he had ever been. He told the old man that when he (the old man) finally showed up, he (John) knew that he would be okay because that is how much they respected him – he admitted that he looked at him as a god.

It isn’t often that you see a man boohoo cry to another man on television and have it impact you like this scene did to me in SouthLAnd. I mean, it was tough to watch! Tougher almost than Nate getting killed a few seasons back. The old man lets it all out crying to John who sheds some tears himself and it’s odd to say this but there was just something manly about their ability to let honesty rein free for those few minutes. Brilliant writing!

On the other side of the drama Lydia Adams (Regina King) lets her baby’s father have some time with Christopher and agrees to make it a regular occurrence. Sammy (Shawn Hatosi) battles the demons of being the best parent ever for his kid and it is a battle he is losing due to his own Boy Scout tendencies. Dewey’s daughter joins the squad and aside from that it was standard fare.

There is a depressing sequence with Sammy and Ben where a prostitute invites them to her retirement party and we learn that she turned tricks for 30 years in order to give her 3 daughters a good life. It was brutal to see the daughter in attendance embarrassed to even regard her mother who sacrificed her body for her…  the acting was superb between the 2 of them.

Cooper’s partner is a bit of a homophobe… a bit more than a standard guy tends to be. I wonder if this will be an issue in future episodes as he continues to probe and pry into his partners personal life. Great ep!

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