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SouthLAnd Recap 5.6 – Bleed Out

lydia and christopher

That awkward moment when the detective who shows up to investigate your crime scene is the one who you threw racist epithets at a few seasons ago. Well I was waiting for it but the drama didn’t happen between Dewey (C.Thomas Howell) and Lydia (Regina King) like I expected when they met again. Maybe Lydia is just too tired from baby duty, or Dewey is still weak from the heart attack scare… still I wanted a fight!

The meeting was over the death of a little baby whose mother had accidentally smothered him when she took some sleeping pills. To get to this admission it took Lydia raking the old house-cleaner over the coals after learning that the baby’s father had tried to start an affair with her. The baby being smothered bit of course hit close to home for our girl since the episode began with her in bed with her son “Christopher” sleeping peacefully next to her. Guess the death was no lesson either as the episode also ends with Lydia surrendering to baby Christopher and placing him in bed with her again.

Funny thing happened to pimpin’ Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) the cooch hound; he comes out of the shower with girlfriend #2 (the Latina) and waiting on him are a few male members of her family inviting him to play either dominoes or cards – he was still naked. Good thing he didn’t get his ass beat, but how scary would that be if you were in Sherman’s shoes? Cop or not, that could have gone down extremely badly!

Sammy (Shawn Hatosi) is investigated for allegedly beating up his crack head ex-wife and it is so stressed out that we found him pacing inside the bathroom, pulling up short in a high speed car chase, and stressing Ben out with the constant whining about his situation. Ben assures him that due to him being a cop, Tammi being a crack head and a bad person, and his history as a role model, Sammy has nothing to worry about… but I guess time will have to tell. Either that kid isn’t really his or maybe Tammi will overdose on some of Walter White’s product and spare us this family drama for next season. (Pat myself on the back for the Breaking Bad reference).

cooper consoles girl

John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) has a rough day with his partner as they make their rounds answering a variety of crazy calls, but his highlight came when this woman is mangled beneath a bus. John gets down next to her, jokes with her, and keeps her calm until the paramedics arrive. It had to be one of the most powerful scenes I have seen on the show and you would have to be heartless not to admire the amount of empathy it took for him to do that. But it’s John! I can’t say I’m surprised.

Ending the episode, John finally visits his old trainer again who was blowing up his phone the entire day for them to hang out. The old man was staying in his boat, so John goes there late and finds some really disturbing evidence. The man’s gun is loaded and cocked and on the table, and he is on the floor drunk in the bathroom. Helping the old man to bed and again reflecting on his possible future it ends with the old man admitting that he may try it again the next day.

Is it me or is Cooper’s life a huge spiral of emotional doom and depressing, selfish people? I really wish Jessica Tang (Lucy Liu) as a partner had worked out… at least then he was pretty happy.

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