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SouthLAnd Recap 5.3 – Babel

southland 53 babel

“Deez Nuts” being the central topic of a major show on television? Either I’ve died and gone to heaven or one of SouthLAnd’s writers is as immature as I am. Babel, though a standard episode of crazy calls to the police, Lydia’s personal drama, and Cooper being Cooper, had something special that will make it a memorable episode for me… it had the stoic Officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) telling a Deez Nuts joke – THAT HAPPENED!

I was very happy that the show made moves towards the conversation of gun violence in its own way by having a gunman attack a building and kill 6 people using a high-powered shotgun. This scene was golden given the general fear reflected in the faces of Ben and Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) when they race past a bloody survivor to find bodies littered all over the place and the killer still in place shooting at them.

Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie), who has been a bit of a douche in episodes past is brought down a notch this round as he is back to being the fun loving playboy who takes his job seriously – at least for this episode. Sammy’s stupid, drugged up ex-wife Tammi (Emily Bergl) is completely out of pocket and how about her punk boyfriend trying to film Sammy’s retaliation after Tammi slaps his faces to get him to strike her back?

The antics of this stupid woman and her loser boyfriend seem to be a setup for what will inevitably be a court battle for custody. We assume that Sammy will be forced to take a paternity test (like Ben has already asked him to do) and finding out – that after all this drama – the little boy isn’t even his. What a curve ball that’ll be!

On the detective front we have Lydia Adams (Regina King) who until now has managed to keep much of her life private away from overly-concerned super dad Ruben her partner. Lydia has her business put on blast in front of the man (who looked like he wanted to just shrink into a little ball and vanish) when the wife of her son’s father confronts her on the street asking her to stop sending her husband texts, naughty pictures, and more… problem with this was that Lydia isn’t the one sending them. Someone felt stupid…

The episodes of SouthLAnd always seem to end on a deep note and this one had John at a boat party with other older Officers toasting it up. His former trainer talks with him about the way they all were once immature, green Cops (John has decided to stop being a teacher and take on a veteran partner). Speaking to his old teacher made him reflect on himself a bit and it ended as normal with unspoken thoughts for us to guess at.

I think that John Cooper may go back to teaching, but I cannot lie and say that his partner this episode with the snarky attitude, Deez Nuts jokes, and veteran swagger was not a treat to watch. We need more of that guy on the show, so hopefully Cooper won’t return to form anytime soon.

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