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SouthLAnd Recap 5.2 – Heat

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Wow! Now this was an episode to trump all episodes. It cannot be debated that SouthLAnd is one of the best written shows on television, from supreme character development to acting that not only convinces; it impresses.

If you’ve missed the high tailing, ass kicking, super cop that was Lydia Adams (Regina King) of SouthLAnd seasons 1 and 2, well the good thing is that the woman is back in true form. One of the most memorable scenes in this episode was her chasing the murdering boxing wife of a burnt up victim only to have an MMA brawl with her in the dirt before locking her into the sleeper and zzzzzzzz baby was out for the count.

Ruben Robinson (Dorian Missick) continues to impress as the greatest wing-man that a female detective could ask for and I wonder if he will soon vanish like all her former partners or if he is meant to stay. Lydia, who takes her mother for granted, actually went out partying while her mom took care of her child – only to walk into disaster at the end of the episode. Hell of an evil twist if you ask me. I love Lydia to death but she is such a selfish little girl when it comes to motherhood that you just want to hit her over the head with reality… well it happened and her life is now in shambles.

Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) continues to be an asshole, not sure what the plans are for his character but he has managed to go from naïve rookie to white knight, to cooch hound sex fiend, now to egotistical asshole cop. What a character! He annoys me to no end and I wonder how long Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) can take his nonsense.

One of the more disappointing things with this episode was John Cooper’s (Michael Cudlitz) military partner freezing up during a critical gunfight. It was such a brilliant shot when John walks over and removes his badge only trumped by the excellent camera-work of panning out from asshole Ben Sherman when Sammy puts him in his place for getting a gangster’s baby boy killed. This show is all sorts of “in your face” today.

If you want to get your friends watching SouthLAnd it is definitely episodes like this one that will sell it. The ending is enough to make the week’s wait for the next one feel like torture. What a situation for detective Lydia Adams.

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