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SouthLAnd Recap 5.10 – Reckoning


What an insane season-ender this was! Viewers who saw the last episode witnessed John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) coming within an inch of his life with the kidnapping and his eventual breakdown to tears after escaping. This episode picks up right where the last left off with John attempting to return to work despite being told to take some leave to get over his partner’s death.

It isn’t only the police department that is worried about John as his ex-wife has him staying with her in fear that he will eat his gun if nobody is there to supervise him. She isn’t too far off the mark being that Cooper was not well; the Cooper of this episode is not like the man we have grown with throughout the 5 seasons as he is in a dark place that seems to have no escape.

Cooper is denied his request to return to duty and it leaves him in a state where he is left to tackle with his inner demons. This leads to him drinking and eventually begging his ex-wife to have his child but after she tells him “no” he does the unexpected… the neighbors to his ex-wife has a loud generator which he warned them about earlier in this season because it makes it hard for her to sleep. This time after some drinks and being dissed by his one hope at a family, John confronts the men and it becomes violent.

One man stands behind John with a gun out as he trades words with the other but it doesn’t turn out the way you would think. The way it turns out is that John disarms the one guy, destroys him, and them mounts the owner of the generator to beat him forever with the butt of the gun. Police are called but they have no clue who John is, they draw their weapons, ask him to drop the gun, but he attempts suicide by Cop. John doesn’t drop the gun, stands and faces them, to which they place 2 bullets into his torso.

The big question is “did John die?” but I truly believe he is alive for 2 reasons. One – he was breathing when the fade-to-black took us to credits. Two – what kind of show would SouthLAnd be without John Cooper? Exactly… nothing.


Ben’s Outing… Finally

Well Ben Sherman’s (Ben McKenzie) little secret of hiring his girlfriend’s loser brother to rob Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) has finally come to an end. Sammy has been like a blood hound on the trail for whoever it was that broke into his home, sprayed “NBK” on the walls and hurt his babysitter. Ben has been there to lead Sammy off of the trail but in this episode he finally gets caught.

Sammy figured out the make, model, and color of the car that the guy used who broke into his home and after leaving to go on a helicopter trip, asks Ben to keep an eye out for it. What does Ben do? He uses his power to get the car impounded and crushed. Ben used his badge number and credentials to do this and the fact that Sammy’s former detective job taught him a thing or 2 made that the dumbest move Ben could have made.

When the helicopter that Sammy is on was shot down (by the same guy who kidnapped John after shooting his associate in the head), this leads him to go back on the prowl from the safety of his hospital bed. Sammy overhears Ben’s girlfriend confront him in the hospital about her brother skipping town (paid for by Ben) and it all leads to a fist fight between the 2 men when Sammy puts all the puzzle pieces together. Ben is a textbook douchebag and a bad cop, relationship over!

Lydia Adams’ (Regina King) portion was largely forgettable as usual but she ends up on the beach with super Beta Male ex-partner Russell and her baby where he asks her “what are we doing Lydia?” to which she replies “I don’t know”. Who cares… I just want to know if John Cooper will live through his injuries. Awesome season, but way too short.

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