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SouthLAnd Recap 4.8 – God’s Work

Well, Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) and Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) finally kissed and made up in this episode after 3 episodes of the silent treatment. It was all fun and games until Ben managed to go off the deep end over some deep rooted issues that deal with women and the sex trade.

When the boys get called in about a couple of prostitutes and a pimp, Ben starts to show concern for one of the girls since she was the mother of a 13 yr. old (fathered by the pimp) whose father was trying to “turn her out” to work the streets for him. After locking the little girl up for squatting in someone’s house, they find her mother on the street beaten within an inch of her life (by her pimp) and Ben has words with the man after failing to convince the woman that she could run away from him.

This beef between pimp and officer goes on throughout the day until Ben has to literally pull the 13 yr. old out of a John’s car and she explained to him that she has to do it or her father would hurt her mom. Sammy sees the rage in Ben’s eyes and tells him to let it go but after child services tells him that they are unable to help, Ben clocks out early, gets into street clothes and decides to take on some vigilante action against the pimp himself. As he was in the middle of beating the guy’s face into the asphalt (it was late evening), Sammy pulls up and drags him off the pimp and throws him in the car and takes off… it was as if the dust settled and Ben could finally exhale as he realizes how far he had gone in his rage.

It was at this moment that Sammy delivers a powerful Cooperesque monologue to Ben about doing the vigilante thing while they were both partners. He said something along the lines of “I’ll defend you with my fists, my badge, my gun but I will not sacrifice my pension, my job and my freedom for you. Do not do that ever again.” It was such a veteran speech that I was taken aback by the fact that it came out of Sammy.

Editor’s Note: If you are over 30, I am sure that you have had that situation where a 20-something friend of yours does something so immature that you realize deep down that maybe you are too grown-up to be in their company. This was Sammy’s day for that realization as the frat boy stuff had diminished and he has to really rein Ben in from becoming another Dewey on the police force.

Maybe Lydia and Ruben Are The Ultimate Team…

Lydia Adams (Regina King) and Ruben Robinson (Dorian Missick) are getting closer as Ruben learns from his partner and becomes more open with his views on family and man/woman roles which Lydia seems to really want to hear. At home Lydia’s mom is telling her how her baby should know who his/her father is and a name is mentioned which isn’t one that we are familiar with in the show. It seems that the mystery man who Lydia made a visit to back in season 1 has been having an on and off thing with Lydia and now she is pregnant with his child despite the fact that he is married with a family…

Is Operation Coopertang Over?

It’s so sad that John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and Jessica Tang (Lucy Liu) are at odds with one another, being that they make such an awesome pair. The entire time the two were together, John questions her about the state of the kid she had shot and she would give short answers and change the subject continuously. Talk about uncomfortable situation there, the two pick up a woman who had shot a man in the chest for being black and chasing her to give her back her keys that she had left in the grocery store (typical cliche crap there). In the squad car when she realized her mistake she tries to explain that her shooting was due to having been raped by a black man 3 years prior. Whatever.

After an exciting day of word jousting, Jessica interviews for her possible promotion into the role of sergeant and John meets his sponsor to talk about his feelings dealing with Jessica. I need these two to kiss and make up like Ben and Sammy did so that we can make it about the situations they get into rather than their mistrust of one another.

I hope that if Jessica makes sergeant it won’t mean the end of Lucy Liu on SouthLAnd as she has easily become one of my favorite officers despite the short 8 episodes that she has been in. This has been a pretty blah season overall compared to the dynamic, dramatic roller coaster that season 2 was but with a couple episodes left, maybe we are in for a huge surprise.

Has anyone seen Sal or Chickie Brown?

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