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SouthLAnd Recap 4.10 – Thursday

Nothing like seeing a little baby girl wrapped in gauze from head to toe from being burnt… the scene absolutely chilled me to the bone. This was what Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) sees to finally break her out of super-cop mode and finally into mommy mode like she should have been a long time ago. The episode starts with her revealing as much to her superior after her physician offers her 3 choices of letters – surrendering to the fact that Lydia would end up doing whatever she wants to do no matter what she wrote as a recommendation.

Ruben is absent and Lydia convinces her boss to let her work the street regardless of the legal issues that would come of it and her case turns out to be that of a man who set an entire family’s home on fire… including two tiny children. Lydia does her job but it is hard to watch when she goes to interview the one child who woke up. After talking to the burn victim Lydia decides to take leave and slow down in order to properly take care of her unborn baby, she was visibly shaken and being that the scene bothered me as an audience member… I can only imagine.

In the end we finally get to see her baby’s father – who is old and married (I will never understand women’s taste in men), but she tells him that he has nothing to worry about and maybe later on he can finally meet his son.

Tang Gone Wild?

John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and Jessica Tang (Lucy Liu) take their final beat together and while Jessica is annoying in her excitement of becoming sergeant, Cooper still regards her in disappointment as their forced conversation carries through the day. Jessica has Cooper take pictures of her as it would be her last day on the street and she blows the day off merrily, even having a spoiled rich kid sing and dance to Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass in order to get out of a speeding ticket (yes they actually went there).

Everything is going smoothly and quickly until the pair answer a call about a shooting at a car wash where 2 men open fire on them as soon as they show up. Cooper and Tang found themselves within the car wash with Cooper facing off against a large gunman (the other ran away) while Jessica carelessly moved towards the noisy rollers and out of Cooper’s voice range. Shouting at Jessica to no avail, Cooper is forced to make a quick decision as she enters the aim of the gunman and is about to be shot down dead. The veteran cop runs at the gunman squeezing off several rounds and filling him with holes before he can get the free chance at shooting Jessica or Cooper on his approach. Needless to say John Cooper saved the day, but was livid.

At the end of their shift the cops have a celebration for Jessica at their normal dive bar and she notices that John leaves quietly without sending her off the way a partner should. She chases after him and the two finally have It out as he calls her out on her shooting the kid and she counters with his drug addiction. It all seemed so silly in that moment and if I had written it I would have had them make love right then and there and wipe out the negative air with a good ‘ol carnal tryst. But of course John likes boys and Jessica is full of herself so my naughty fantasy was not realized and the partners parted ways to carry on with their separate jobs.

Ben Sherman and The Way of The Samurai

Remember that pimp who Ben (Ben Mckenzie) beat up? Well Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) who had gotten hurt badly in a car crash (after the pimp tried to shoot both he and Ben in a deadly car assault) turns out to be okay. Lying in a hospital bed with a broken arm the guys have a fun conversation at first but Sammy reveals to the rookie that he went back to the streets from detective work in order to help guys like Ben. It was a pretty emotional scene as he basically asks Ben to do the right thing – knowing that he was about to go find the pimp to finish him off. Ben blows it off however and his silent focus showed that he had 100% committed himself to the act…

Editor’s Note: I have to give it to the writers as Ben’s revenge was very samurai-like in it’s plan and execution. The man cleaned his gun immaculately, taking it apart and reassembling it several times and then blew off all opposers silently before finding his mark and striking. Here’s a quote for reference on what I speak of:

“A certain person was brought to shame because he did not take revenge. The way of revenge lies in simply forcing one’s way into a place and being cut down. There is no shame in this.” – Tsunetomo

So Ben with his substitute partner finds the daughter of the pimp at first and forces her into Corpus Christi to get help and flee the city, then finds her mom to force out the location of her pimp – who was now in hiding after a murder attempt on the 2 police officers. After getting the address and finding the house where he was holed up in, Ben kicks in the door and chases the man through several neighborhoods before putting a bullet into his chest and exacting revenge.

Yes Ben fans your boy has gone over to the dark side… a place of no return. This point is driven home in the final scene of the episode which shows the injured Sammy having his cast signed by random girls as he looks across the pool at his broken partner who looks back with a face that simply read that he was at peace with what he had done. It was poetic in the way it mirrored the first pool party to start this season, but I am with Ben and the revenge did a lot more good than bad for 4 lives… but it also means that we will have to wait before our SouthLAnd returns with a 5th season.

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