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SouthLAnd Recap 3.9 – Failure Drill

If I haven’t said it before I will say it now, Lydia (Regina King) may be a beautiful woman but she has big brass balls. If you have been following SouthLAnd since season 1 then it is no surprise to you that Lydia can hold her own in a gunfight. We saw her fend off a Mexican gang who laid siege to her house as she protected a little girl and we saw her take out a couple of them with her shotgun. This time we find Lydia, after a long day of work with Josie Ochoa (Jenny Gago) having to depend on deadly force to take out a psycho armed with a machine gun and killing factory workers.

Earlier in the episode Lydia was at the police shooting range having issues with her aim. She meets a young officer there who was mentoring a junior and he gives her a tip on how to make her aim more true. The foreshadowing to the late shootout comes about when Lydia listens in to the officer’s instructions to his student. He tells the man to do a double-tap (2 consecutive shots) to the chest of the target and then take a second and put a shot in his head. What this taught was that the two shots may have been absorbed by a bullet-proof vest, at which time you would need to deliver a kill shot to separate the head from the spine. Lydia has to deliver this sequence of shots at the very end to take out the psycho with the machine gun.

John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) on the other hand has ultimately failed from his attempt at quitting his pain pill addiction cold-turkey. The episode starts with him in his bath-tub running water to try and ease his pain, and then finally he is hobbling over to his drug dealer in the park to grab a bag of pills. When John downs 3 instead of the customary 2, the dealer cautions him about abuse, stating that John is his best customer that he of course doesn’t want to lose. The 3 pills make John loopy, irritable and extremely sleepy. He falls asleep riding shotgun with Ben, he falls asleep when they are doing work at a park and he breaks out the window of an old man’s car just because the man annoyed him with his bad driving. Ben McKenzie (Ben Cooper) confronts him near the end but the big man is beyond help and silently ignores his partner and takes off.

Lydia, whose day had been a long one is asked out by the ace cop from the shooting range, accepts, only to find out later (as she plays cards with an injured Josie) that he is her partner’s son. Of course it not only freaks her out but disgusts her a bit at the thought but the man is aggressive, charming and persistent in his pursuit of her. The partners had picked up a case where a father had killed his wife and his eldest son was doing his best to manipulate the cops into thinking it was the mysterious black boogeyman who did it. Lydia the carebear helps the children get in with their aunt and talks their father into confessing to the crime in order to prevent his children from being split up inside the foster system.

It was a good episode and I am happy to see that Bokeem Woodbine may be on for a longer stay as Sammy Byant’s (Shawn Hatosy) partner. Sammy is tracked down by his annoying wife Tammi Bryant (Emily Bergl), (who had slipped a friend finder app on his phone) and she interrupts his investigation to have him pick out paint for the baby’s room. The two aren’t together but she figures that since the baby would spend some days at Sammy’s house, he should paint his interior a similar color as not to confuse and bewilder the child. Oh Tammi, you dumb bird.

There is one episode left this season, and with John spiraling out of control – I think it is inevitable that he will do something wacky that will get him suspended, fired or worse yet killed. This new relationship that has Lydia rocking the cradle has some serious consequences coming should Josie find out and Sammy is due for a visit by the kid he left out in the desert. We shall see what comes up next week, but something tells me it won’t be nice for him.

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