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SouthLAnd Recap 3.6 – Cop or Not

In this episode of SouthLAnd we get to see our dear sweet Lydia (Regina King) fear for her job like never before. We see John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) break mode from being a good soldier and we also get to see him wake up with a dude in his bed. I am under the impression that this latter bit has been begged of by the writers in order to confirm to you people out there who couldn’t accept his sexual preference and wanted some concrete proof. Well you get it within 5 minutes of the intro, Cooper likes men, now let’s move on to the real issues in SouthLAnd: The Cops.

After the death of Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro), Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) took it extremely hard and had been on leave to mourn his partner’s death. He returns in this episode with a goatee reminiscent of the late Nate’s and a different swagger than we are used to. The swagger of which I write is that of the destructive, suicidal, revenge run. Sammy is out for blood and his new partner played by veteran actor Bokeem Woodbine is pulled into his mess as he returns to the very street where Nate had his brains bashed in. Early in the episode Sal checks in on Sammy and is not sure whether the detective is truly ready to return to the streets. Throughout the course of the day Sammy spots, chases and threatens the life of one of the young gangsters that was a part of the gang who shot Nate and later on goes back to the locale to confront their leader. His ass is saved when Bokeem calls in backup but needless to say Sammy is very dangerous at this point.

Kudos to the casting director of SouthLAnd for their choice in picking the kid who plays Nate Moretta’s son (this kid is easily Sammy’s biggest fan… it’s weird) the boy is a shoe-in for his own.

On the other side of town a celebrity murder is under investigation by Lydia and Josie Ochoa (Jenny Gago). The murder has one pop singer decapitated near a pool and her lover mangled on the other side while a Mel Gibson inspired actor is cuffed by the pair and taken into custody as his 2 daughters look on. The actor who is trained in martial arts and apparently Bushido has the wakisashi missing out of his sword set, his Nike Air Force ones bloody and his alibi suspect but manages to not get any jail time. On the outside of his lavish home the paparazzi is ridiculously ferocious and every cop in the city (at least it seemed to be) including John and Ben, are brought in to keep the peace. Lydia’s old partner Russell (Tom Everett Scott) is called in to help with the case but takes things to heart when the actor is released only moments after being brought in on murder charges. Lydia, being thorough and a tad naive, took pictures of the decapitated woman and her pictures are copied and leaked to a television station – a mistake that forces her superior to assign her to desk duty while internal affairs investigates.

The timing of Russell’s temper tantrum and Lydia’s stolen pictures seemed too coincidental to me as I suspect he went into her computer (we all know how close they used to be) and stole the pictures to send to the News. Lydia goes into a panic fearing that her job of 18 years is now in jeopardy for something that she had always done at crime scenes – take pictures. Again she consults Russell who is all too calm and sure that nothing will come of it, advising Lydia to just go home – it will be okay. Ochoa isn’t much help taking the “it wasn’t me” stance and the entire episode was being a pretty naughty woman with her cougar calibre sexual innuendos and candid flirting with another detective. We aren’t sure what will become of Lydia due to this mishap as the actor shoots himself after returning home and writing a suicide letter proclaiming his innocence.

It was a rather lull episode compared to the craziness that has been going on the entire season and it is one that can be easily missed without fear of losing out on any character development. Sammy has gone rogue – at least for now, Lydia may get fired and John is still preaching police gospel to his patient padawan. It seems like next week we will get some of Dewey (C. Thomas Howell) running over an innocent woman, Chickie Brown (Arija Bareikis) appearing to have quit and SIGH motherf-cking Tammi Bryant (Emily Bergl) again! -___- Yup! Sammy got the paternity test results back and it is his baby that his annoying wife carries. Sorry SouthLAnd fans, crazy Tammi is back and in full effect. I’m not sure if I can take much of she and Dewey int he same episode, but only time will tell.

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