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SouthLAnd Recap 3.4 – Code Four

This episode has got to be the most surprising out of the 3 seasons thus far, we continue to see Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) go crazy over his wife and her lover but he slowly normalizes by the time the episode ends. Like most episodes of SouthLAnd the end brings forth a crazy twist of some sort to have you uttering “what in the hell” as the credits roll.

John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and Ben McKenzie (Ben Cooper) continue their Jedi/Padawan relationship as it is the 9th month for Ben and in 3 months he will be a full-fledged Cop, out from under the protection and tutelage of John. Ben seems so sure of himself that it forces John to switch roles with him for the day in order to show him how green he still was when it comes to police procedure. Ben’s first mistake occurs during a domestic dispute with an interracial couple – the woman is white, blonde and in tears, cooking breakfast hysterically as her man, a bigger black man tries to calm her down as she goes on and on about his infidelities. John asks Ben to turn off the stove and calm the woman down as he attends to the man but Ben assuming that the man was abusive, ignores the stove and begins to shout at the boyfriend for nothing. The woman continues to get upset and eventually grabs a skillet full of hot oil and slings it into the face of the man resulting in him clutching his face and screaming for dear life. After the paramedics arrive and the woman is cuffed, charged and muted from crying for her boyfriend and begging for him to look at her, John rips Ben a new one for his assumptions and refusal to secure the stove when asked.

The next mistake he makes is in the apprehension of a suspicious man inside a vehicle. The pair pull the young man over and find a large bag of marijuana inside the car. Ben handcuffs him outside the vehicle and instead of staying with the man, he goes inside the car with John to look at the marijuana, leaving the man by himself and he takes off on foot. After a car chase and some embarassment later, John recaptures the man and scolds Ben on the mistake of leaving him alone outside the car. More mistakes occur throughout the day and in the end Ben gets tired of John’s scolding at snaps at him that he was tired of the hazing. As usual John’s voice of reason wins out and he informs Ben that in 3 months he will no longer have to deal with his scolding and some other Cop will have to risk his life relying on Ben to have his back.

On the Lydia (Regina King) end of things, this was a very light episode for her, Josie Ochoa (Jenny Gago) is not with her and she is made to baby-sit two video game playing, frat boy detectives who do more playing than working, forcing her to do the leg work for them. Her case is an odd one where a young 14 year old boy puts a hit out on his crack-head brother simply to get his Playstation back (brutal). But the real stars of “Code Four” are Sammy and Nate, this will be an extremely difficult episode for fans of Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro) and his confident Latin swag. The last scene of the episode is a standard one for Nate, kicking it with the Mexican Gangsters within their neighborhood where he normally gets a pass as a brother who happens to be in law enforcement. This time he enters the neighborhood with Sammy and a bottle is thrown at his windshield causing him to get out of the car. Although Sammy tells him to let it slide, he feels he needs to say something anyway and makes friendly with a few of the Gangsters on the corner…

Sad to see Kevin Alejandro go…

Earlier in the episode, a young gangster named Spider and his buddy shot a family man in cold blood outside of a convenience store and Nate after some investigative work had him arrested and booked. It seems that Spider’s arrest was enough to make his life forfeit for the Gangsters and as he compliments one of the gangsters on his new tattoos another hits him in the head with a knotted pipe akin to a medieval mace. That’s right folks Nate is dead and the scene was intense as the Gangsters swarmed a crying Sammy who shoots at them with one gun while pulling Nate to the car with the other. The episode ends with Sammy crying painfully in the hospital’s waiting room until a scream from Nate’s wife confirms his worst expectations. Nate’s wife emerges crying and shaken and Sammy embraces her in a moment of excellent acting by Shawn Hatosy.

It’s sad to see Kevin Alejandro go, I thought he was a fine actor with a minimal role in this excellent show. True Blood viewers will see more of him however as he plays the recurring love interest of Lafayette on that show, but as far as SouthLAnd is concerned, officer Nate Moretta was shot by the very Gangsters he worked with to keep the streets safe. He leaves behind his children and his beautiful wife, it is going to be interesting seeing how Sammy functions without him, being that Nate was the professional and the veteran detective in most of there dealings. What a blow SouthLAnd, he will most definitely be missed.

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