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SouthLAnd Recap 3.2 – Punching Water

There’s so much to say about this episode, I was annoyed, then I was shocked and in the end I was appalled… the ending wow, it wasn’t a curve ball, it was a screw ball from out of nowhere! One of the best parts of the episode was when Sal (Michael McGrady) makes a speech to the Cops about their duty to the citizens after placing a picture up on the bulletin board of a baby that had been shot. He remarked that while their job is pretty much like punching water, they are to remember why they put on the uniform to begin with. It was an excellent speech.

In this episode of SouthLAnd it is Martin Luther King’s Day and the gangsters are at each other in a bit of a race war, latinos against the blacks. Bodies are piling up and every Cop that has a face on the show is called in to action, one of the rare times you get to see Lydia (Regina King), John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz, Chickie Brown (Arija Bareikis) and Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) in scenes together. Big Sal is back running the show and orders the police to go out and make arrests in order to slow down the war but it isn’t that easy as more and more people are ending up shot, including innocents.

God I HATE Dewey! Please kill off this character already!

The episode starts with a birthday party for a little girl being shot up and we see an argument ensue between Lydia and our favorite asshole ex-drunk, now coffee addicted officer Dewey (spits). Lydia mushes (pushes his face away hard) Dewey (C.Thomas Howell) and they begin to fight and the episode begins. Nothing specific really happens aside from an investigation by Sammy Bryant and Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro) into the killing of a gangster who went by the name of “Nobody”… as in Nobody killed that man – ya cute. When Nobody ends up dead and his killer in turn ends up dead, the investigation leads into them finding out that the supposed killer of Nobody was an innocent man who had loaned a friend his vehicle.

The air is tense for the Cops as Sammy gets extra racist white with expressions like “once you go brown you never” … hell I forgot some ignorant rhyme, and he gets self-righteous about children of the gangs as in “was that kid born sagging or what?” after being informed by his nutjob wife that she was pregnant last episode. Nate tries to tell him that it isn’t so easy and picks on him about the name he will pick throwing in his own racial jabs about Sammy choosing a name like Amanda, Mary etc. It was that kind of episode. At one point Sammy starts his ranting on profiling gangsters and offends Josie Ochoa (Jenny Gago) who shows him pictures of her sons who dressed similar to the gangs.

The day is tense and the only light side of things is when all of the officers inform Ben McKenzie (Ben Cooper) that the cougar with whom he slept with was a serial dater of cops and just about every officer (except John for obvious reasons) had slept with her… even Chickie hinted at it saying “she tried to get me in a 3-some once”. Seeing Ben’s face embarrassed was hilarious… is it me or is he putting on some weight in the fat department? Anyway Dewey is back from rehab and poor John is stuck babysitting him and listening to his awful, boring stories of his time in rehab. John earns extra points for patience as he sits in the car listening to this idiot droll on for hours.

The episodes intro comes back around full circle when Dewey, like Sammy, goes on a rant about how a dead child was a potential gangster of the future and had spared them the trouble of using a bigger body bag when he got older. If you have been watching you know Lydia’s compassion for the victims so she and Dewey go at it, they get broken up but my money was on Lydia, it would have been awesome seeing her mudhole stomp that loser into the asphalt.

The Big Surprise!

In the end, the real killer who shot up the birthday party is discovered and everyone retires home and we are made to see Sammy in the final scenes. Walking up to his house he notices a strange car in the parking lot and a random dude emerges from his house… it is after hours, and it’s a scene that no married man would want to experience. Introducing himself as Tammi’s photography instructor, the grizzled man tells Sammy that he is in love with his wife and that they should be “adult” about the situation. Sammy lets him walk on to his car and drive away, tears welling up in his eyes he turns to see his pathetic, wormy wife in the doorway crying after what I can only imagine was some guilty sex with the grease ball that had just left. It was like a kick in the balls for Sammy, and an awesome ending to a very strange episode.

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