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SouthLAnd Recap 2.6 – Maximum Deployment

Woot!! Chickie, Chickie, Bow Wow! Our girl is back! Wow what a hell of a get back too. While the entire episode showed John prodding and pushing Chickie (Arija Bareikis), even suggesting a desk job etc. it ended on a high note for her and means that we will probably see more of her in the next!  While off-duty, Chickie’s cop instincts kick in when she manages to find an elusive  rapist and not only arrest him, but she tackles, axe handles and pulls the heat on him too. What an awesome season finale for Chickie Brown, and while Lydia was the star of season one’s exciting end, we have to give season two’s finale to the tough blonde this time. By the way, was that a bar you were hanging out with Ben at Chickie? Mmhmm, you better be careful lady, last episode Ben showed us what he can do to female cops.

Speaking of hot cop on cop action, how about our girl Lydia (Regina King) right? Poor Lydia, as soon as she got over her injured partner Russell (Tom Everett Scott) and warms up to Rene (Amaury Nolasco), the man makes a miraculous recovery to rejoin her as partner. For those of you who don’t know, Russell was shot in the abdominal by his neighbor and has gone through hell at the hospital and in his marriage. Now back aside Lydia, he looks his old self again but has to move around with a cane. Lydia, beaming like a headlight the entire episode is all smiles, unlike we’ve seen her in a long time. The final scene between the two showed Lydia and Russell in his kitchen as she puts away his groceries… they exchange the L word and it wasn’t in a brother and sister way either. I knew there was a reason for her strange behavior when he left.

On the other side of town big Sal (Michael McGrady) has his life completely turned upside down. After buying his wife pearls to congratulate her on making Captain, his wild daughter spills the beans on his relationship with that sexy News Reporter. Pause. What is it that Sal does to this woman to have her on him like she is, I mean she can’t get enough. The reporter is sexy and can arguably get any guy in that city to bed her easily, but big daddy Sal is all she wants. He is married, older and has that alpha macho swag going, but it can’t just be that. What are you doing to her Sal? Share the secrets! Well Sal screwed up majorly, and the happy occasion of celebrating the wife’s promotion turns into tears and pain. Hell it was bound to happen right? Well she kicked him out of his house and he looked on the brink of tears, sorry Sally maybe that fine reporter can rent you a room for a bit.

Finally John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) almost tapped out this episode, I’m not sure why he thought it a good idea to help Ben lift a wrecked car off of the injured driver but his back called it quits and the pills are the only thing that can keep him active. This man loves his job, but on his way to a strange man’s house to get some painkillers, he lets it slip that the dude was his “dealer”. Chickie picks up on it and confronts Ben about making the same mistake she made with Dewey by not taking action and getting John some help. Ben seems torn but shrugs it off and acts as if John was playing around when he called the guy his dealer. It will be interesting to see John hit rock bottom eventually.I mean he’s super cop, emaculate in his duty but he loves the hell out of those pills. Not to mention his ex-wife asked him to impregnate her and he turned her down – wow talk about a strange day for the big man.

So SouthLAnd ends another well-written, beautiful season. I can’t wait to see more, especially with a badass new Chickie revitalized in her resolve and some complicated Russell/Lydia loving. Stay tuned in to TNT, I know I will.

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