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SouthLAnd Recap 2.5 – What Makes Sammy Run

No more Tweety (Wood Harris), this episode of SouthLAnd leaves the Gangster and his Mexican hit men washed up with no chance at get back. The bust and the money count from Tweety’s enterprise was up to 19 Million by the time they were halfway through counting it. This man was a monster and I wished that we could have gotten a bit more exposure and face-time with Wood before they decapitated him and closed the storyline of his stake out.

Probably one of the stronger episodes of Southland Season 2, What Makes Sammy Run gives us a much needed one on one with Officer Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosi), a young cop with a huge heart for children. As usual his crazy, worthless, poor-artist of a wife Tammi (Emily Bergl) is present to bring unnecessary drama in his life as she takes her brand new $2,500 camera for a spin around Los Angeles. Tammi snaps pictures of skater boys, fishermen and hardened gangsters which almost gives her husband an aneurism when she shows them off to him. Tammi is out of control, her careless sorority girl buffoonery leads her to taking home one of the skater kids to smoke weed with, and thinking that her age would keep her as master and commander within their little pastime. Time proves otherwise as the hospital grade marijuana knocks her cold out and skater boy makes off with her lap-top and the $2,500 camera that Sammy maxed out two credit cards buying for her. Let’s see him make it up on a cops salary, oh Tammi how I hate your dumb ass.

The title of the Episode is extremely appropriate given this harsh day for Sammy. The same kid from “The Runner” who he had cuffed to make him appear tough to the other kids is back again in trouble. When Sammy is called to arrest him for the vandalism, he sets him loose with a scolding then takes him out to the richer part of LA later on that day. The bonding goes well and Sammy’s good intentions of showing little Juanito that there was another life outside of gangs seemed to be setting in. But the world that Juanito lives in is far from the one that Sammy knows and before long he is back in trouble having shot a member of a gang who jumped him (probably for being a wannabe throwing up signs that he hadn’t rightfully earned). Sammy gets his emotional walls demolished over and over, and by the time the poor guy gets home to his hysterical wife, he is numb and shaken by the entire ordeal.

There is no Lydia (Regina King) in this episode and very limited showing of Ben (Ben McKenzie) and John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz). Ben does manage to get some horizontal axis smashing aka sexy time, with a hot latina officer who magically appears in this episode to give the panties up… well I assume that’s why she was there. She was pretty cute though and had very nice feet (what?) needless to say, after the last 3+ episodes of Ben seeing people die and having life take a crap on him, some sexy bedroom romping is just what the doctor ordered. Get it Ben, get it good my man, I am sure you will be back to having crappy days after this one, but at least in this episode, you worked that stress off. No Chickie Brown (Arija Bareikis) in this one again but based on the trailer for next week, she’ll be back in action for the season finale.

Sammy Bryant has grown on me, he can be a bit of an introvert but he is a good guy that you cannot help but root for. He wants the normal, boring cliché life of saving lives, having a good wife that manages the house in his absence, having a few kids… hell one would make him happy right about now, and just being normal. Too bad his wife has not made it past college mentally as she contributes zilch, keeps drama and chaos in her husband’s already stressful life and continues to be the living definition of a screw-up. His partner Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro) still has the cold shoulder thing going on for his daughter and of all the characters in SouthLAnd, he is still very much a mystery. Well they fleshed out Sammy in this episode; maybe Nate will have his time soon.

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