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SouthLAnd Recap 2.2 – Butch & Sundance

Although not as strong as the premier, Tuesday’s episode entitled “Butch & Sundance” gives us a bit more glimpses into the shady mind of Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie). Seriously I think that below the surface there is something off about the seemingly quiet and normal guy with an affinity for shooting ranges. I think back on the times when he sat in front of the psychiatrist or even when sharing childhood pains with his partner John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) he would only go so far into his story and then clam up. I think that he was either hurt beyond what he’s revealing or something else happened to his mother to make him into what he is now. In this episode he gets into a funk of depression when he and John Cooper find a mother and her daughters bludgeoned, tied up, raped and shot inside a home. It was disturbing to say the least and the father – himself being shot was rushed to the hospital as he laid immobile on his front steps. Cooper tries to tell Ben that it’s part of the job and that Lydia letting them leave the crime scene early was her doing him a favor,. But Ben is physically shaken and takes it to a blind date orchestrated by his sister later on that night.

Guess who plays the woman in this blind date? Well none other than Eden from NBC’s Heroes… remember her? Actress Nora Zehetner? No? Oh well, I’m a fan so I was pleased to see her hook up with Ben. Well it didn’t happen, Nora’s character seemed sweet enough but Ben’s rich bitch sister, the tool that dates her and one other annoying waste of life decided to start needling him about the early murders (since they saw it on the News), asking questions like “like oh my god were they like tortured and raped?”. It was enough to make me feel uncomfortable for him and after getting to boiling point with these idiots and their questions, he excuses himself and goes to the shooting range to blow off some steam. Personally methinks he should’ve called up Officer Chickie Brown (Arija Bareikis) and pulled the trigger on that instead, but that’s just the shipper in me.

John is still struggling with his painkiller habit and barks at Ben for poking jokes at him about it – ie: “you have something you want to say to me?” Lydia and Rene continued to bump heads on detective styles but actually got pretty friendly towards the end and that brings me to the episode’s downer. Tammi Bryant (Emily Bergl) is back with her spousal drama with Sammy (Shawn Hatosy). This time her issue is (drumroll) toilet paper! Yay! Sammy asks her to get some supplies from the wholesale market instead of Walgreens and she manages to turn that miniscule chore into World War 3. Nothing new with these two folks, he is still having a hard time adjusting to the other less-than-perfect cops and his wife is still a psycho who stresses him out daily. I still await random gang member popping this woman in the head and removing the character from the show, but I won’t hold my breath. Dare I say some of you out there identify with, or even like Mrs. Tammi Bryant?

If you were going to miss an episode, you could get away with missing this one since there was absolutely nothing new in the relationships or developments of the characters. Maybe we will see some better movement next week.

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