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Octopussy (1983)

OctopussyIn one of his best movies as James Bond, Roger Moore is at the top of his game as he dodges bad guys and charms beautiful women in the country of India. And that is the highlight of Octopussy, the abundance of beautiful women and equally gorgeous cinematography. When 009 is killed after slipping a fake Faberge egg into the hands of two murdering knife throwers, 007 is sent after it to investigate. Finding the location where the egg was being auctioned, James Bond decides to spy on a character by the name of Kamal Kahn (Louis Jourdan) who bid an unusually large amount for it. While on the trail of Kahn, James is attacked and eventually kidnapped and shipped away to an island of beautiful women. The island’s leader “Octopussy” (Maud Adams) turns out to be a fan of the spy and introduces him to her partner in crime, Kamal Kahn.

When 007 isn’t being chased around India to the endangerment of innocent peddlers and bystanders, we find him captive in posh palaces being treated to silken thighs and expensive meals. The bad guys are the standard camp, one using a handsaw attached to a string as a sort of weapon and the main man Kamal Kahn being a worthy foe. Kahn may not pack a razor sharp hat, iron teeth or the inability to feel pain but he makes up for it with his elitist wit and aloof demeanor. Beyond all of the beautiful women, witty badguys and 007 charm, the thing that makes Octopussy shine is the abundance of underlying sexual puns. With a woman named Octopussy, an island known as “Cameltoe Island” and the various tentacle references you will find yourself chuckling or rolling your eyes at every scene.

While some of the things that 007 does in this one are beyond goofy (dressing in a gorilla outfit, playing a clown at a circus and zooming a camera on the cleavage of an unsuspecting female) he is also made to fight his ass off in a number of scenes. The hand to hand scenes aren’t anything to brag about but I loved the shoot-outs and the awful train and airplane battles. The gadgetry is excellent in Octopussy, ranging from a pen that melts metal, a homing watch and Q’s hot air balloon. Yes you heard me right, the legendary Q sees some action in this one – so if you like beautiful, acrobatic women, then this is a movie for you. Lengthy but never boring, this has to be the height of Moore’s career as 007.

Bond-o-meter Score (ranges from 1-10)
James Bond/Story (8): Excellent Bond acting by Sir Roger Moore. The story in itself was very good if you can follow it, nothing is as it seems.
Bond Girl – Octopussy (6): Not the most memorable lady, but probably the most regal.
Bond Toys (6): Melt metal with a pen, drive a car on the railroad tracks, go on two wheels then track your enemy using your watch. Not too shabby.
The Villain (8): Kamal Kahn, a sophisticate like Bond but from the evil side. One of the few men to match wits successfully with 007 and could have won.
Q Bonus (9): The old man seeing some action! Are you kidding me, that made the movie awesome


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