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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.8 – The Astonishing

Jackie (Edie Falco) and Grace (Ruby Jerins) get into a slight argument about whether or not the Saint she is portraying in the school litany production has wings. Grace flips out but later calls Jackie from the school’s bathroom and apologizes.

A patient arrives at All Saints in restraints as he’s coming down off of PCP. He’s already torn out a chunk of his own neck and Ohara (Eve Best) makes the mistake of letting him out of his restraints while he’s out cold. He quickly awakens and slams her against the wall leaving a large hand print on her chest.  Scared for her life, she takes a moment with Eddie (Paul Schulze) but refuses to have drugs to take away the pain or the anxiety she feels. Instead Eddie just holds her at the same instant Jackie walks past his office and sees Ohara in his arms through the window.

Upset, Jackie takes it out on new nurse Kelly (Gbenga Akinnagbe) by accusing him of flirting with 16 year old patients.  She follows him into the men’s room to reprimand him and he fights back, telling her to go through the proper channels if she’d like to turn him in. He points out the fact that she is the one in the men’s room, and she is high.  At that point, she lets him walk out.  Feeling more like she needs a fix, she tries to get it from Eddie, explaining that she must have pulled something in her back trying to hold down PCP guy.  Eddie, however, is no longer willing to do her any favors and suggests she do some pilates.

Before going to work in the morning, Jackie stops by the diner to see Bill (Bill Sage). He tells her that he is out of pills and is on his way to Miami to get a new stash.  A desperate Jackie asks him if he has anything to give her.  He tells her to calm down, and he makes a deal with her to show up at his house after work and he’ll see what he can find for her.  She wasn’t going to go, but after getting called out by Kelly, and getting dissed by Eddie, she goes to his house only to see him get run down by a semi truck in the middle of the street. Knowing that she has no explanation of why she was on that side of town, she leaves him on the ground.

Grace is Saint Christina the Astonishing (hence the title of the episode) and Jackie makes it just in time as she starts her speech. Grace stands on the stage and says that she is the patron saint of insanity and lunatics. While her days vanish like smoke, she’s like an owl in the desert among the ruins. She has mingled her drink with weaping and her days are like a shadow. She then asks the audience to pray for her.  Jackie is standing in the back of the room in complete agreement. Ironically, she is Christina the Astonishing.

Highlights – those scenes that make the show so great

  • Bill obviously had a crazy night. Jackie finds him on the phone at the diner and the tale end of the conversation is “How bout you just do your job? And your job is to remove the naked Grecian from my living room”.
  • Zoey (Merritt Wever) convinces Jackie and Ohara to have lunch with her only to interview them about their friendship for her new blog entry “Doctors and Nurses, no longer Cats and Dogs”.
  • Alkalitus (Anna Deveare Smith) gets a new phone and confesses to Thor (Stephen Wallem) that she left embarrassing messages on her rival’s voicemail.  She tells Thor that she makes her feel unaccomplished and she is her Voldemort.
  • Zoey telling Jackie “I used to be jail bait. My bait used to BE jail”.

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