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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.7 – Orchids & Salami

Jackie (Edie Falco) is finally on her downward spiral as she nears rock bottom. She starts her day at the coffee house with Bill (Bill Sage) and complains to him that $200 is alot for 5 pills.  As the money exchanges during their fake “hug”, he whispers that he gave her 6.  When she leaves the coffee house she runs into Sam (Arjun Gupta) and he wants to know her relationship with Bill because he’s started going to meetings again.  She ends up pretending to take a call in order to stop his prying.

Everything is all too clear to her when the mother of a 12 year old is brought into the ER for an overdose of prescription drugs. When O’Hara (Eve Best) reads the drug screening results, Jackie is clearly upset as the mom is on a lot of the same drugs she is, and is still unconscious.  She tries to console the kid in the chapel, but instead attempts to console herself, making up excuses for the mother. The kid cuts her off and says to her point blank “my mom’s a drug addict”. It clearly cuts Jackie deep.

Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) finds the dental floss that fell under the seat in the car during season 2.  He’s furious with Jackie and when he confronted her, she told him the truth – that it was old and from their road trip. However, he didn’t believe her, so she went for the lies. She pulled out the 30 days sober coin and showed it to him. Explained that at her meeting she heard a story of a woman who stole drugs off a dead man before calling 911 and how horrible it was (another throwback to season 2). Kevin is not really buying it so she desperately threw her arms around him telling him “we are okay..” It seemed more like she was telling herself.

New nurse Kelly (Gbenga Akinnagbe) is winning the hearts of the entire staff, except Jackie. He took them all out for drinks the night before and had Thor (Stephen Wallem) and Zoey (Merritt Wever) waiting for him the next morning on the curb. He even won over Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) by having a judge for a mother who is friends with Michelle Obama. Much to Jackie’s chagrin, Akalitus gave Kelly Saturday off. A thorn in Jackie’s side (last week intercepted her pharmacy run changing percocets to Motrin), she set him up this week by promising to make a pharmaceutical delivery to oncology (morphine patches) but instead takes the patches for herself.

O’Hara asked Jackie to go to a champagne party after work, but Jackie lies and says she has to get home to Kevin. O’Hara eventually asked Eddie (Paul Schulze) to go with her and he accepts. Jackie is hurt when she sees them climb into the back of O’Hara’s car.

Highlights – those scenes that make the show so great

  • Zoey’s blog called “Nursing it, yo”.
  • Cooper (Peter Facinelli) reverting back to his childhood and bringing all of his old toys into the office.
  • Akalitus and her acronyms trying to be more like the Nursing Manager at a rival hospital.  GERBIL – Great Excellence Reached By Inspired Learning.
  • Cooper flying his kite down the sidewalk and God (Michael Buschemi) makes an appearance to tell Cooper he needs to fly the kite against the wind, not with it.

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