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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.6 – When the Saints Go

Meet new temp nurse Kelly (Gbenga Akinnagbe) the latest addition to All Saints’ ER.  After being warned by Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) not to “eat him up”, Jackie (Edie Falco) actually surprises her staff by being very nice to him. She said nothing when he was overzealous with a patient. She said nothing when he sat in her chair without asking. But she drew the line when Sam (Arjun Gupta) confided in him that he was an addict and using the 12 step program. “It works if you work it”  he says, and Jackie quickly sends Sam on an errand.

Jackie and Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) are back getting along. They made love after she initiated late night contact. In the morning she was searching Oxycodone on the web, but when Kevin checked behind her, the search history only showed searches for 12 step programs and ways of coping with addiction. This pleased Kevin and put him in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Eddie (Paul Schulze) admits to Jackie that the pressure is on with the attraction between him and Tunie (Jaimie Alexander) and he wants to ask her out. Jackie acts as if she doesn’t care, so when he suggests taking her to the Museum of Natural History, she tries to sabotage him by saying Tunie would love it. Later it’s eating her up, so she outright asks him not to go out with Tunie. He looks as if he’s going to think about it, but doesn’t give an indication of what he will do.

Frustrated with Kevin going behind her in her web searches, Eddie and Tunie’s possible hook up, and the fact that she is running out of drugs (she only took the one pill from the seam of her jacket and her attempt at getting a percocet “for a patient” failed when Kelly already handled it), Jackie is clearly not herself by the end of the day. O’Hara (Eve Best) can tell and finally breaks as Jackie becomes a friend in need. She offers to be there is Jackie needs to talk and this makes Jackie very happy.

Highlights – those scenes that make the show so great.

  • At the bar, Grace (Ruby Jerins) was searching “Lucifer” on the web for school. Oddly enough, she is relieved when she goes into the history and sees different names for Satan, but Justin Bieber searched as well.
  • Thor (Stephen Wallem) is all giddy when he thinks about new nurse Kelly.
  • Cooper’s (Peter Facinelli) break down in the pharmacy about the divorce, his foot, and the competition with O’Hara for the Chief position. He confessed that if it wasn’t for his crutch, he would have succumbed to his Tourettes and grabbed Akalitus’ breast.
  • The old woman in the ER who refuses to be treated by Zoey (Merritt Wever) and Jackie, but when O’Hara comes in, she says “finally, a woman who doesn’t have on trousers!”

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