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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.4 – Mitten

Usually Jackie (Edie Falco) surprises us with her various hiding place in each episode.  However, this one opens with viewers being privy to her thought process while she goes through the house and placing various baggies in the most peculiar places.  A bag in a winter coat pocket. A bag buried at the bottom of the powdered laundry detergent  box. And the reason for the title, she places a bag in a small mitten inside a box of old clothes ready for giveaway.

Jackie is finally back in O’Hara’s (Eve Best) good graces and they have lunch together.  During the lunch Jackie does her usual “rescue the underdog” dance and comes to the aid of a young waitress being degraded by a corporate executive complaining about his chicken caesar salad. She poses as the manager, calls him an asshole, and makes him apologize to the waitress before telling her to go get his order correct. The waitress repays her by buying lunch for them.

Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) offers O’Hara the position of Chief of the ER, much to  Dr. Cooper’s (Peter Facinelli) chagrin. He finds out from Sam (Arjun Gupta), which upsets him since a nurse has information on a doctor prior to him being privy. He charges into Akalitus’ office yelling “I’m throwing my hat in the ring.. Look out!!”. She hears him out and he runs through his qualifications, including, but not limited to, his “gift for tiny stitches”.  Akalitus agrees to let him try to win the job (even though she isn’t going to give it to him) and he runs off to start the competition, despite the painful bunion created by a bad game of basketball.

Eddie (Paul  Schulze) gets invited to Jackie’s house by Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) for a barbecue to celebrate him “getting the job” at All Saints.  He agreed to take Jackie home so they ride together on his motorcycle.  She’s obviously reluctant to get close to him but he insists she put her arms around him.. for safety.  When they arrive at the house, they have an awkward moment of silence while staring into each other’s eyes, so she breaks the silence by sending him out back while she goes to change.  He then takes the opportunity to get to know Tunie (Jaimie Alexander).

While upstairs, she notices Kevin’s closet is empty and the top drawer is open so she immediately assume he’s left her.  In a panic she runs outside and Tunie explains that he went to drop off the clothes to the church and to an Al-anon meeting.  Jackie realizes one of her boxes, the one with the mitten, was taken to the church and she must get it.  When Kevin returns, she has no choice as he insists on going with her to get the box after she explained that one of the girls’ christening dresses is in there.  She leaves Kevin at the door, grabs the mitten, empties the contents into her hands, and stares at the mitten as if thinking how things got as bad as they are with her addiction.

Highlights – those scenes that make the show so great.

  • Zoey (Merritt Wever) and her pedometer trying to get the most steps by walking in place.  A patient says “are you on speed”?? She throws her hands up and says “I AM speed mutha fuckaaaa!!”.
  • Akalitus is still on her quest to have Michelle Obama visit All Saints and is trying to bribe her by joining the fight against obese children.
  • A nautious man comes to the ER while his wife is in labor. After Jackie gives him a valium, he smiles and says “you know what’s scary? Having my wife scream for 10 hours and then shit in front of me.. “
  • Dr. Cooper upset as he stretches his arms out in O’Hara’s office realizing that her office is bigger.
  • Thor (Stephen Wallem) clearly annoyed that Dr. Cooper is changing the name of his Fantasy Football team from Mancrush to Cooper Duper.

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