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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.2 – Enough Rope

There’s no doubt that Jackie (Edie Falco) has a strong desire to repair the relationships with those she cares about – her husband, her kids, her best friend, her former jump-off.  She obviously has trouble admitting her wrong doing verbally, but Edie Falco is brilliant in conveying the silent turmoil Jackie feels for hurting the ones she loves with her actions. She can’t take any of it back, but she will definitely lie by assuring Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) that she’s not “that mom” who’s addicted to the pills.  She accepts the fact that he maxed out the credit cards to pay for private school for the girls, but there is definitely a strong tension when the two are together.

Eddie (Paul Schulze) is feeling guilt ridden now that he’s become good friends with Kevin. As he said, he’s the guy Kevin calls when his wife leaves him on the side of the road and he can no longer live with the lies. When Kevin showed up at All Saints in episode two, it obviously shook him to the core and he admits that he thought Kevin showed up to beat his ass.  He begs Jackie to give him one shred of integrity by at least letting Kevin know that they work together.  The smart liar she is, she comes up with a plan, which works, that Eddie lost his job and she can help him by putting in a good word at All Saints.

Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) confides in Jackie that O’hara (Eve Best) is looking at other options for employment.  Jackie tracks her down at lunch and warns her that she has a hand in pretty much all the other hospitals in the area.  Threatening her with following her wherever she goes, Jackie confesses that if there was ever a time that she needed a friend, it’s now. O’hara is clearly conflicted with emotion, but holds her ground. It’s obvious she will come around, but not just because she’s asked.

Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) still tries to gain forgiveness from Sam (Arjun Gupta). He’s clearly not truly sorry, but moreso just cannot deal with the fact that Sam won’t forgive him. He tries to give him a card and Sam has no desire to read it. So Cooper decides to read it aloud at the nurse’s station for everyone to hear. In his classic narcissism style, the “apology” takes shots at Sam being a nurse (and not a doctor) and implores Sam to forgive him, as he has forgiven Sam for (rightfully!!!) breaking his nose.

Highlights (those scenes that make the show so great)

  • Jackie hates inconsiderate assholes. Enter random skateboarder who cares not about the elderly woman with a cane crossing his path. The woman loses balance as he speeds past her, which pisses off Jackie, so she shoulder checks him. Next scene is him in the ER.
  • Random skater guy complains that Jackie blindsided him.  O’hara responds “Yes that’s what happens when you get in her way”.
  • Dr. Cooper is still trying to make nice with Sam.  He pleads, “Dude, can we please bury the hatchet”.  Sam looks him in the eye, “yes – it’s buried in your head”.
  • Akalitus tried to channel her inner Michelle Obama by attempting jump roping while staring at a picture of the First Lady doing the same. She has trouble with the rope, stares at the picture and says to it, “ohhh, you have on shoes”.
  • Dr. Cooper’s card to Sam from the hospital gift store originally says, “It’s a boy!”, but Cooper crosses out “it’s a” and makes it read “boy! Am I sorry!!”.

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