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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.11 – Batting Practice

Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) may not know exactly what is going on with Jackie (Edie Falco) but he is certain that he doesn’t like it. He called Eddie (Paul Schulze) to come down to the batting cages for to be there as an ear while he blows off steam. He is reaching his boiling point where he wants to tell Jackie how he feels but can’t. In his rant, he implies that Eddie should know what he’s talking about but Eddie keeps quiet. A fuming Kevin breaks the bat while practicing. Later, Eddie expresses his fear that Kevin knows about their affair.

Jackie is still on probation and wants to know when it will end. Alkalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) is already in a bad place because Michelle Obama has selected another hospital to visit.  She is visibly irritated at Jackie asking, and tells her she is not ready to release her; she will get off probation when Alkalitus tells her.

Upset that she is still under scrutiny, Jackie falls off the wagon and downs the entire bottle of Grace’s (Ruby Jerins) meds. She then confides in O’Hara (Eve Best) that she needs to get the prescription refilled. Clearly upsetby the request, both because she is put in a bad place, and because her friend has relapsed, O’Hara offers her help. She will become Jackie’s glorified methodone clinic, as she does not want Jackie to endure the problems that come with rehab.

Finally some insight into new nurse Kelly(Gbenga Akinnagbe). He offers to take Jackie out for the night after finding out she cannot administer meds.  He corners her in the bathroom and confesses that it’s his fault she cannot administer meds. He asks her to come out with him tonight.  She snaps at him that he is probably happy he has something to hang over her head.  He responds by telling he to come out with him, and she will have something over his head as well.  While at a comedy club, she explains that she had a car accident which is why she stole the 4 patches of Fentanyl.  He confesses that he stole 6 of them and he’s never been to Haiti.

Highlights – those scenes that make the show so great.

  • Alkalitus staring at the cupcakes and jelly beans “now that is some real Hansel and Gretel shit right there”.
  • Cooper (Peter Facinelli) asks O’Hara “What’cha wearing to my wedding?” She responds “I’m not going.”  Cooper, “Too painful?”  O’Hara, “Now I’m definitely going”.
  • The lost EMT. Flirting with Zoey (Merritt Wever) when Lenny couldn’t.
  • The fat kids with Alkalitus have T-shirts on that say, “no thanks, I’m full”.
  • Eddie finally agrees to be Cooper’s best man, but says “Don’t hug me”. Cooper just smiles “I’m huggin you with my mind”.
  • Thor (Stephen Wallem) pleading his case with Coop to be his best man. “I just got my braces off a week early… on purpose.” Coop fixes it by telling him he cannot be the best man AND sing at the wedding at the same time.

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