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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.10 – Fuck the Lemurs

Jackie (Edie Falco) and Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) have to make a decision whether or not to allow Grace (Ruby Jerins) to start medication to ease her anxiety. She tells them that she has too many thoughts in her head and her dreams are more nightmarish than not. Grace is adamant about the fact that she is not sad, but she is afraid that she will start pulling her hair out again.  When the doctor suggests a pediatric dosage of Xanax, a slightly eager Jackie wants to confirm with Grace that this is what she wants.

Jackie takes the prescription for Grace to Eddie (Paul Schulze) to have it filled and he is visibly reluctant. She then is called into Alkalitus’ (Anna Deveare Smith) office for the reason. She is prohibited from administering medications until further notice and the pharmacy had to be alerted. Alkalitus is clear that there was no finger pointing, but the issue is coming straight from HR as “someone” from the Emergency Department is abusing the narcotics. Jackie freaks out and goes straight to O’hara (Eve Best) for an explanation. She later explains that she would never say anything because it may scare Jackie so badly that she goes so far underground that nobody will hear her cries for help if she needs it. Jackie lets up, so O’hara tells her she just has to figure out who the culprit is and “burn their playhouse down”.

Jackie gets a call from Kevin and he is not able to be home tonight when she gets there. She is disappointed as she was hoping to have a family dinner tonight in light of Grace’s issues. He apologizes and suggests a breakfast.  Later in the chapel, Jackie is staring at the prescription bottle of Grace’s Xanax (O’hara had the prescription filled for her) and new nurse Kelly (Gbenga Akinnagbe) comes in to get away for a moment. She looks at him and asks if he can cover her since she would like to go home to be with her kids. He looks as if he wants to tell her what’s going on with the Oncology Department issue, but he just says “sure”.

Highlights – Those scenes that make the show so great.

  • O’hara telling Cooper (Peter Facinelli), “ego is ego”. He looks at her blankly and says “is that Latin?”
  • Alkalitus would rather gouge Cooper than take O’hara’s money for the statues to be bought back.
  • Cooper using Alkalitus’ office as a mediation room.
  • Zoey (Merritt Wever) worried about Jackie and O’hara, “You guys, they are fighting”.  Sam (Arjun Gupta) says “My money’s on O’hara”.  Thor (Stephen Wallem) quickly tells him “Your money is no good here”.
  • Cooper’s reaction to Jackie vs. O’hara – “Team O’hara, she’s a doctor. She has awesome shoes, a towncar, and an accent. Case closed.”
  • Thor got his braces off!

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