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Nurse Jackie Recap 3.1 – Game On

The third season of Nurse Jackie is opened where it seems to be the exact place that we were left off – with Jackie (Edie Falco) is staring at herself in the bathroom mirror.  Director of episode one, Steve Buschemi, immediately draws us in by giving us a close up of Jackie’s face as she sobers up with fear settling in as she realizes the magnitude of being caught.  All prescription bottles are thrown into the hamper bag as evidence that purchasing a prescription is not against the law. Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) doesn’t buy it while she dances around pressing questions about the PO Box and private bank account that he found.

O’hara (Eve Best) does not take it well that Jackie lashed out at her.  Throughout the episode you see her slowly becoming more and more depressed about her broken relationship with Jackie.  She asked Akalitus (Anna Deveare Smith) to give them separate shifts, but Jackie has tenure so she makes her own schedule.  At first I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing or different about her (aside from her new dye job and bangs) and then it hit me when she sat down in the chapel.  She was wearing little make up, pink scrubs and Crocs, which is a far cry from her full face, typical designer skirt suits and five inch heels.  We will see next week if this is tied into the story, or if they are toning down her diva attitude this season.

Word is spreading around All Saints Hospital that Jackie had an affair with Eddie (Paul Schulze), courtesy of Zoey (Meritt Weaver). As soon as it was confirmed that Jackie is married, she could not tell Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) fast enough and Eddie was standing right there.  Since Zoey has kept the secret to herself for so long, it appeared that she spilled it out of spite since Jackie didn’t tell her she was married.  Dr. Cooper immediately began to lecture Eddie about sleeping with another man’s woman, but Eddie quickly reminded him about his one night stand with Sam’s (Arjun Gupta) girlfriend.

Jackie tried to pre-empt any accusations from O’hara so she went to Akalitus and confessed that she has been taking some prescriptions for her back pain. Akalitus understood where she was going with the conversation so she told her to just fix it, as she will have no choice but to go to HR with any accusations.  Jackie is now in a position where she may lose her family, her best friend, and her job all in one swoop.

Highlights (those scenes that make the show so great)

  • Zoey asked Thor (Steven Wallem) why he doesn’t want to hear about her “sexytime” with Lenny, and he says disgusted, “because you call it sexytime”.
  • The ongoing vandalism of Akalitus’ sign throughout the episode, which goes from “Don’t Kiss the Statues” to “Don’t feed the statues” to “Don’t feed Thor” to Thor writing “Fuck You, Love Thor”.
  • Jackie always does her job well. A little boy was admitted for sticking a magnifying glass up his nose to try to see his brain. Cooper is ready to take X-rays but Jackie stops him telling him to do a scan since the kid wants to see his brain.
  • Cooper wearing surgical booties all day so he doesn’t scuff his new shoes.
  • Cooper later finding Jackie and Eddie in the pharmacy, he says “great you guys are both here”. He rips off the booties and slaps his foot on the counter “guess how much these shoes cost?”

Perfectly on cue, Sam walks into the pharmacy as soon as Zoey reminds Cooper of his sleeping with Sam’s girl and says nothing – only gives Cooper the finger.


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