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Nurse Jackie Recap 2.5 – Caregiver

The episode starts with Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) sleeping soundly and Jackie (Edie Falco), obviously just getting home from working late. As she is cleaning up, she notices five tickets to see Alice in Wonderland. She wakes Kevin up and he tells her he went with the girls and Kaitlin (Cassady Leonard) and her mom, Ginny (Elizabeth Marvel). Jackie gets upset (1. He knew she wanted to see the movie, and 2. He went with Ginny who will stop at nothing to try to get with him) and decides to sleep on the couch. This turns out to be a bad idea, as her back problem resurface and she wakes up in pain.

Ummm….when did Thor (Stephen Wallem) get braces???

Alkalitus promotes Miguel from Admitting to be the watchdog for the Pill-O-Matix.  She hires him to sit next to the machine until she is satisfied that the machine is no longer being looted. Jackie uses Thor’s password for some Percocets but finds it very difficult to continue to get what she “needs”.  However, for the first episode in the history of the show, we do not see her take the drugs she obtains.

Dr. Ohara (Eve Best) is trying to avoid contact with new nurse Sam (Arjun Gupta). Jackie tells her to just deal with it as if it was a one night stand and O’hara cannot do so.  As they sit watching a Sarah Khouri (Julia Ormond) news reporter, it becomes obvious that O’hara has been involved with the woman on TV. Jackie asks, and receives confirmation.  Later, Sam corners Dr. Ohara, telling her that he cannot have random sex with her because his “girlfriend is back”.  Ohara looks him dead in the eye and tells him honestly, “So’s mine”.

Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) asks Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) to be the face of All Saint’s Hospital, using his status in the top 25 doctors in Manhattan list as a way to bring in more insured patients. He seems arrogant as he tells her he will have his “people” look over the proposal, and she seems disgusted that she had to even ask. He later accepts to have his face on billboards, subways, and city buses as a way to promote the quality of care at All Saints.

Sam uses reflexology on Zoey (Merritt Weaver) and tells her there is something going on with her uterus. She calmly asks if she will get her period, and he tells her he does not know. She slaps him as if frustrated that he cannot tell her what she wants to know.  Later she confides in Lenny the EMT (Lenny Jacobson) that she may be pregnant and he promises to be there for her if the daddy is not.

Not being able to get passed Miguel posted up at the Pill-O-Matix, Jackie breaks down and calls Eddie (Peter Schulze). She apologizes to him and asks him to meet her, and to bring Percocets. They meet at the theater, where she is finally able to watch Alice in Wonderland.

Highlights (those scenes that make the show so great)

  • Jackie and Zoey discuss babies. Jackie says there are a million reasons why you should have kids. Then she crushes Zoey by saying there are just as many reasons not to.
  • Zoey slaps new nurse Sam because he cannot tell her if she is pregnant or not.
  • New nurse Sam beating O’hara to the breakup.
  • Jackie covering for an armed patient (unlicensed to carry the gun they found and not a legal citizen) by turning in the caregiver to a woman who has clearly been neglected.

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