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Nurse Jackie Recap 2.4 – Apple Bong

A furious Jackie (Edie Falco) goes to the pharmacy and warns Eddie (Paul Schulze) to stay away from her family.  Eddie tells her he just simply misses her and that he can’t just turn it off like she can.  He tells Jackie, “You know what your problem is? You have a lot of pent up anger”.  She replies with an evil eye, “You have no idea”, and destroys a pyramid display in an aisle. She then calls Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) and secures a date night complete with the kids go to his sister’s house.

At All Saint’s, Jackie deals with a patient with Lymphoma stage 3 who has dehydration and nausea due to chemotherapy.  Jackie runs through all the meds he could be on and he happens to have the severe side effects on all.  She quickly suggests smoking pot and but Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) encourages him to let him find a suitable prescription.  Dr. Cooper pulls Jackie to the side and tells her she cannot encourage a patient to use an illegal substance instead of prescriptions. After the man is released, she notices his weakness as he puts his clothes back on and defies Dr. Cooper by taking the patient out to the ambulance to create an apple bong for him to smoke some of her pot. She shows him what to do, of course, hands him the apple and lets him breathe.  The patient immediately feels better.

It was Zoey’s (Merritt Wever) time to shine while a little 4 or 5 year old is brought in not breathing. With no doctor in site, she makes the decision to intubate him, a procedure that nurses are not certified to do. During the process the boy flat-lines and Zoey performs CPR, which brings back his pulse. Later Jackie reprimands her for doing a doctor’s job without a doctor and she tells Jackie she did what Jackie would do. Jackie persists and Zoey makes it known that she thought Jackie would be the last person to have an issue with her taking matters into her own hands.

At the end, Eddie calls Jackie’s bluff and makes better friends with Kevin.  He offers Kevin great seats at a Mets game getting him to postpone date night with Jackie by taking. After trying unsuccessfully to talk Kevin or Eddie out of it, she stays home to make marijuana cookies for the Lymphoma patient.

Highlights (those small scenes that make the show so great)

  • Dr. Cooper apologizes to Jackie for being a “hard ass” about the pot comment, but he is so concerned with his Twitter following and the top 25 doctor’s list that he has to be very cautious of his image.
  • Alkalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) breaks Jackie down about the pediatric psychiatrist for her daughter and gets her to open up about the fact that grace would rather watch a fire safety video than high school musical.
  • Alkalitus to the EMT at the nurses station, “Don’t eat by the urine”.
  • Zoey thinks she is pregnant
  • Jackie notices Dr. Ohara’s (Eve Best) after glow from sex with new nurse Sam immediately.
  • Thor (Stephen Wallem) offers to be Sam’s (Arjun Gupta) work sponsor, but when Sam confesses to Thor that he slept with a doctor even though he’s a recovering sex addict, Thor tells him not to speak to him anymore.

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