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Nurse Jackie Recap 2.3 – Candyland

The opening of the episode appears to be someone preparing cocaine for snorting. We are giving a close up of a knife in a powdery white substance being cut and divided. However, the pan out from the camera shows the watcher that it is really a knife skimming flour off the top of a measuring cup in preparation for cupcakes.  We see Grace (Ruby Jerins) and Fiona (Daisy Tahan) baking with their friend, Kaitlin (who happens to be the daughter of Kevin’s old high school girlfriend), and Grace complaining of them touching the cupcakes with their bacteria ridden hands.  Jackie (Edie Falco) comes home and after telling Kevin what a good dad he is, goes downstairs in the basement to snort her Aderrall, only to be caught by Kaitlin (Cassady Leonard). “What’s that thing you did with the straw” she says. A quick thinking Jackie makes up a story of knowing a special trick that nurses know in order to dry up her tear ducts in an attempt not to cry in front of her family from all the horrible things she sees at the hospital.

Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) visited Eddie (Paul Schulze) in the convenience store pharmacy to apologize to Eddie and professes his true friendship letting Eddie know he’s there for him because he heard about his suicide attempt. Eddie’s only concern was whether or not he heard from Jackie. Dr. Cooper tells him the whole hospital knows.  Eddie asked again if it was Jackie who told him.  “Nope, Thor told me”.  Dr. Cooper then goes into his excitement about being appointed #23 of the top 25 doctors in Manhattan in a magazine, only later to be called out by the new nurse Sam (Arjun Gupta) about how he only got on the list by paying a publicist.

Although the first season focused mostly on witty banter and great acting, this season delves deeper into suspense with the end. After Jackie decides to take on an extra shift, she calls Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) to let him know and finds out that he already has plans to pick up some furniture for the bar. She tells him to find a babysitter, but not that “Jennifer” who she doesn’t trust. Unfortunately, she goes home after the extra shift to find her family, including Kevin, playing board games and having a great time with none other than Eddie. He extends a hand and introduces himself. Cut to credits. I don’t know about other watchers, but I cannot wait to see next week’s continuation.

Highlights (those small scenes that make the show so great)

  • Jackie complains that she doesn’t want Kaitlin’s snottieness to rub off on Grace.  Dr. O’hara (Eve Best) says, “Snot is viral. Snotty is not”.
  • Jackie’s love for her patients shows as she catches a young woman drinking in the bathroom and later rips her baby from her as she’s about to breastfeed.  She yells something at her in Spanish and then looks at the boyfriend and tells him to “pay attention!”.
  • Thor pulling off his latex gloves, “These gloves are so tight I feel like OJ”.
  • Akalitis (Anna Deavere Smith) asks Dr. Cooper why he tweets.  Jackie answers for him and says because he has no friends. He responds explaining that yes he does have friends, and his name is Eddie, he saw him earlier, and if they followed him on Twitter, they would know that.

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