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Nurse Jackie Recap 2.2 – Twitter

The episode opens with Jackie (Edie Falco) trying to ease Grace’s (Ruby Jerins) obsessive compulsive mind from feeling like the house is going to burn down from the iron not being unplugged.  Jackie is clearly disturbed because her eldest daughter is so worried that she saved her allowance for the purchase of a new smoke detector that even detects carbon monoxide as well.  She even went as far as to clip the ad from a newspaper for reference.

Upon arrival on the sidewalk in front of All Saints, Jackie runs into Dr. Ohara (Eve Best) at a hotdog stand.  Dr. O’hara is still dealing with the death of her mother in all ways but grief – she complains to Jackie that she scored some Extasy at a club last night that was supposed to last only 9 hours, but somehow she’s still feeling it this morning.  Later, Jackie gives her an IV and a still high O’hara tells new nurse, Sam (Arjun Gupta), she is dehydrated and ready to hump anything. As a recovering addict, it was easy for him to guess why, and with this information, he probes Thor (Stephen Wallem) and Zoey about whether or not Jackie and Dr. O’hara have drug problems.

Meanwhile, Eddie (Paul Schulze) is still trying to pry into Jackie’s personal life by stopping by the bar and befriending Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) again. Eddie asks about his wife and whether or not she liked the ring he bought her (near the end of season 1) and Kevin is impressed that he paid attention to him when they first met.

Hot on Jackie’s trail, Sam finds “lost” drugs on the floor that Jackie dropped seconds before and asks her if they are hers. She denies, but he continues to argue with her about giving them to her, asking what the protocol is for lost prescriptions.  She takes him to the drug drop off for found pills, then later goes in with her key and retrieves her stash.

The battle between Jackie and Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) gets deeper as she triggers him to put his personal thoughts on Twitter. The more he tweets, the angrier she gets to the point that they noticeably try to “one up” each other in front of a pediatric patient’s mother. They suspect Cystic Fibrosis but must wait for the tests to be sure he is not sick. Jackie jumps the gun and convinces the lab to give her the preliminary results instead of Dr. Cooper.  She allows the child to go home based on the preliminary negative, but the final tests results show positive, which puts her in a position to make the phone call to the parents to let them know she was wrong.

Highlights (those small scenes that make the show so great)

  • Zoey (Merritt Wever) gets out of a cab appearing to be in mid wardrobe change. O’hara calls it a “walk of shame” and Jackie cringes at the thought comparing it to a naked Santa Claus.
  • This episode shows a little bit more of how far the diabetes has progressed for Thor. While working on a patient, Jackie notices that he has lost all sight in his left eye. He later confirms and tells her she is the only person who knows about his fake eyeball and not even his boyfriend is privy to this information.
  • In the spirit of Easter, Jackie’s fix is hidden in an old box with Easter egg containers. She shakes a few until the one she wants rattles with pills inside.
  • Eddie tells Kevin he’s been gone because he tried to commit suicide to get the attention of a woman. Kevin looks at him speechless.  Eddie quickly retracts and says he was kidding.
  • O’Hara’s euphoria was just plain entertaining.
  • Someone finally throws something up at God (Michael Buscemi) hitting him square in the head, landing him in All Saints’ ER.  He calls Zoey his angel, but after a hallucination of seeing God and realizing he is not him, he becomes depressed and it’s up to Zoey to make him feel worthy of the being the ridiculer he is from his apartment window.  Her speech – “Jesus wasn’t God but he was still very important”.

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