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Nurse Jackie Recap 2.12 – Years of Service

We pick up exactly where we left off with Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) walking alongside the car and Jackie (Edie Falco) trying to convince him to get back in. The kids are confused and Fiona (Mackenzie Aledjem) asks Kevin if he is having a temper tantrum. Jackie is fed up and answers that, yes, he is having a tantrum and she slams the gas and leaves him in the middle of nowhere. At home, she is concerned and chews a pill right before she hears the roar of a motorcycle pulling into the driveway. Kevin walks in the door and passes her mumbling for her not to speak to him at all. Eddie (Paul Schulze) is a few steps behind and he looks at Jackie and before she can say anything to him, he tells her that Kevin called him to come get him. All she can say is “you didn’t tell him anything did you?”. Eddie is offended and says “a simple thank you would have been cool” as he walks out the door. Jackie finds Kevin at the kitchen table with a beer and she sits across from him. She finally explains how she feels about the fact that she is never home and that the kids favor him over her. She took the money from O’hara so she could feel like she is contributing. He is the main caregiver and it makes her jealous that he can sleep at night with no worries. She breaks down and throws her arms around him “I love you Kevin”. Before he responds, he asks her if that is all she needs to tell him. She says there is nothing else, and he returns her hug by squeezing her hard.

At All Saints, new nurse Sam (Arjun Gupta) is depressed and admits to Coop (Peter Facinelli) that his girlfriend broke up with him. Coop has no remorse and tells him he dodged a bullet as the girlfriend wants to be with a doctor. Since Sam is just a nurse, he deserves much better. In true Dr. Cooper fashion, he talks way too much about how she’s a hippie and how he hates her cat to the point that Sam figures it out that he slept with her. Cooper doesn’t deny the accusation. With absolutely no hesitation Sam punches Cooper dead in the nose, breaking it for the second time. Cooper tries his best to get Sam fired for it, but Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) refuses due to the shortage of nurses on the floor. She tried to console him by presenting him with the invoice for the cost of another six weeks of advertisement of him as the face of All Saints.

While securing Coop’s nose, Jackie and O’hara (Eve Best) are forced to work together prior to resolving their issues from the night before (episode 11) where Jackie would not take O’hara’s call. O’hara admits that she went to see the ortho and Jackie apologizes, explaining that she had a lot going on, and O’hara accepted it. They met in the entrance to the chapel where they resolved their differences. However, they were interrupted by some odd noises in the chapel and opened the door to see Zoey (Merritt Wever) and Lenny (Lenny Jacobson) making out in one of the pews.

Kevin is eating breakfast with the girls when Fiona notices that Jackie left her keys in the lock of the door the night before. She cringes at the thought of someone possibly breaking into the house and harming them and Kevin assures her that he would not let that happen. Only problem, as Grace (Ruby Jerins) pointed out, is that Kevin was not there that night. He takes the keys from Fiona and notices a key that he hasn’t seen before. Once the girls are away at school, he conducts a mad search around the house for anything that would shed light on the miscellaneous key. He hits the jackpot as he comes across the address for the place named on the key – the post office where her PO Box is housed.  He later goes to the box and finds Jackie’s latest bank statement showing her withdrawals at various pharmacies.

The drug dealer that Jackie stole from ($12,000 worth or roxicodone) finds Akalitus while she is with God (Michael Buscemi) and asks her where Jackie is.  She tells him to check the nurse’s station.  As he leaves, God admits that he gets a bad vibe from the guy.  She questions him as he is supposed to accept all his people. God replies “he’s not one of my people”.  The man finally corners Jackie in the hallway and threatens her. She told him he’s crazy and if he does anything to her there will be so many cops that will be after him. He calls her bluff and asks how many. Before she can answer, Thor’s big ass comes out of nowhere using his whole body to throw the guy into the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Kevin calls O’hara to tell him what he found out about Jackie. He sends the kids to his sisters house so he and O’hara can stage an intervention. Jackie comes home from work and immediately freaks out yelling at both of them and telling O’hara she has to leave. Kevin admits that he asked her to come over. Jackie gets even louder as she is cornered and yells that he doesn’t even like her so why would he invite her over to gossip about her. As they remain calm, Kevin hands her the bank statement showing her pharmacy transactions. She calls them both pathetic and goes upstairs to lock herself in the bathroom. In the mirror, she tells her reflection “Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m a drug addict”. She stares at her own face. Then she bursts into laughter and tells her reflection “Blow me!”

Highlights – those scenes that make the show so great

  • Zoey and Lenny get caught by Eddie just as Eddie and Jackie were caught by Zoey in season 1.
  • Lenny brings Zoey two eggrolls. She looks at him “what, no duck sauce??”. He playfully searches his own pockets to reveal about 15 different packets of duck sauce hidden on him in various places. He finishes by presenting her with napkins.
  • New nurse Sam is depressed to the point of drinking a gallon of Hawaiian Punch and vodka while on the job. For the first time, Jackie and him are on the same side as she rushes him to the basement in order to sober him up as quickly as possible. She enlists Thor for assistance. In an attempt to keep Sam from falling asleep (into a coma), they stick EKG electrodes to their shoes and perform a tap dance to keep him awake.
  • Akalitus goes on a search for the smoker in the building. Following her nose, she finds God in the air ducts claiming to be watching over his people. When told to come down, he admits that he is ‘not ready to walk among you”. She bribes him with candy in her office and he quickly agrees.
  • Jackie tries to take refuge from the day in the pharmacy with Eddie. She finally thanks him for bringing Kevin home and he tells her that it’s weird that he is starting to care about Kevin as much as her. He asks if she will be okay and she tells him “you know me”.  He responds matter of factly, “anybody who knows you, knows they don’t know you”.
  • Cooper admiring his old nose as he passes one of his adds while he is bandaged up from new nurse Sam’s iron fist.

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