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Nurse Jackie Recap 2.10 – Sleeping Dogs

This episode gives a peek into the vulnerability side of Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli). We already knew he was a crybaby when it comes to his image, and we are reminded of this in the very beginning as his eyes well up while they cover his posters with a new advertisement.  It hurts him so badly that he offers to pay Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) for the advertisement to continue.  Later, on the street corner new nurse Sam (Arjun Gupta) is beatboxing (which made him a bit more sexy I might add) while his friends freestyle around a tip bucket and Dr. Cooper is confessing to Sam’s girlfriend that he is not “cool”. He admits that he tries to act cool and the people he acts cool around do not know that he already knows he’s not as cool as he acts.  She compliments him by telling him he looks cool. But then he makes a move which will probably come back to bite him.  He offers to walk her home.

Jackie (Edie Falco) is feeling the effects of her addiction. She goes so far as to get someone else’s X-rays from a random MRI in order to obtain Dr. O’hara’s (Eve Best) sympathy and prescription for oxycodone.  Dr. O’hara is in horror that the doctors have done nothing for her and Jackie tells her that they have just pushed back her follow ups.  O’hara is clearly uncomfortable, but she gives in to help her friend and writes the prescription for oxycodone with “0” refills.  However, Jackie uses her pen and adds a “1” making it “10” refills.  Later that night Jackie is trying to find a pharmacy that is open to fill the prescription and she is stopped by a distraught woman who is concerned that her boyfriend is having a seizure. Jackie goes to help, but the guy happens to have a bunch of oxycodone on him. She ordered the girlfriend out of the room and takes all the bags. Let’s see, lying…stealing…she is starting to show true addict behavior.

Eddie (Paul Schulze) is rehired despite Akalitus’ apprehension. She points out that he is suicidal and came to the hospital drunk one night (first season). He rebutts with the fact that both incidents happened after he left the job.  Although he brushed it off, Jackie made it clear to him that “things” would be different this time.

Highlights – Those small scenes that make the show so great

  • Zoey (Merritt Wever) asked a patient if she is sexually active. The patient looks at her and says “No, I pretty much just lie there”.
  • Coop asked Thor to go to lunch as Akalitus walked by. Before Thor (Steven Wallem) can answer she yells in passing “No lunch for Thor, he needs to drop some of that weight”.
  • Zoey asked Jackie for advice on Lenny (Lenny Jacobson) and Jackie cautions her against sex with coworkers.
  • Coop and new nurse Sam talking. New nurse Sam asks Coop why he doesn’t want to be a nurse. He replies that nurses do all the work, without the pay nor the recognition.
  • Dr. Cooper’s horrible freestyle on the street corner – “My name is Coop…doot doobily doop! I’m a doctor, cuz I got patients, but I don’t have patience, for bustin rhymes..cuz sometimes they’re malignant sometimes they’re benign..i hate nurses that whine..”

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