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Nurse Jackie Episode Recap 3.9 – Have You Met Mrs. Jones?

Jackie (Edie Falco) is 30 something hours into her sobriety, if you want to call it that. Her pusher is dead and so she has resorted to several types of over the counter drugs. She drank a travel sized bottle of Scope, and is popping aspirins, ibuprofen, and No-Doze, whatever she can get her hands on.  Her excuses for her clammy hands and breaking out into hot sweats are getting slim so she confides in O’Hara (Eve Best) that she is scared about getting through another hour of no prescription drugs.

New nurse Kelly (Gbenga Akinnagbe) has been caught by Eddie (Paul Schulze) about giving him the 40 patches of Fentanyl, but only 30 made it to the Oncology Department.   Eddie is furious and points out that he, unlike Kelly, doesn’t answer to Alkilitus (Anna Deavere Smith) but to the State. Kelly promises him he will make it right, but doesn’t rat out Jackie.  Covering his ass, Kelly goes straight to HR Department to put it on record that it was unlikely that Eddie made a mistake, but again, he doesn’t say a word about Jackie. On his own, he starts to watch her and it appears he is putting two and two together.

Jackie confided in Eddie about her sobriety, but lied and said it’s been a week. Proud of her, he clearly still has feelings for her but is guarded about getting hurt. He asked how it’s going and she tells him honestly that she misses the rush and needs a night alone with no kids, no husband.  He offered her a ride, but she declined. She then goes out to walk in traffic to see if it will give her the same feeling.

Highlights – those scenes that make the show so great.

  • Zoey (Merritt Wever) using the heart rate monitor to give Lenny (Lenny Jacobsen) a lie detector test about how he feels about her and various aspects of their relationship. When the heart rate goes up with Jackie in the room, she accuses him of having a crush on her. Lenny was like, “No. She scares me”.
  • Cooper (Peter Facinelli) has moved onto Facebook. He found his future wife by searching for a girl he dated at 16. Channeling his inner teen, he gets extremely giddy at the thought of her accepting his friend request.
  • An abusive father is a patient and stands a chance to be put back in prison if he misses his appointment with his parole officer. Jackie steps in after witnessing his abuse to his daughter in law and sticks him with an Epi Pen in order to keep him for a few more hours.  She tells O’Hara what she did and she responded, “As a private citizen, I’m delighted. As a medical professional I’m absolutely appalled. Well done, and shame on you.”

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