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Lbs. (2004)



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Runtime: 99 mins
Synopsis: A 315-pound man decides to kick his food addiction by moving to the country.
Release Date: March 26, 2010
Written By: Matthew Bonifacio





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Posted January 10, 2013 by

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lbs the movie

America’s issues with weight and addiction are tackled in Lbs, a small movie about a big man with an obsession with food.

Lbs. had some good things going for it like the authenticity in the main actor’s attitude as a fat nerd, and the way that the people in his life treated him. While relationships are its strong point it is also its weak point since many things did not make sense.

Take for instance the situation between Neil Perota (Carmine Famiglietti) and his best friend Sacco Valenzia (Michael Aronov) – one is a compulsive eater who is addicted to food and the other is a drug addict. Lbs makes the compulsive eater out to be such a selfish ass that…

[spoiler]When his friend (who does so much for him ) needs his help and is ignored it is brushed aside as if we wouldn’t notice.[/spoiler]

The cast is mostly New York Italian and so there are many cultural anecdotes to go with the typically overprotective mother and ice cool dad. Lbs. could have been written a bit better but it does hold merit in the way of exposing food addiction. It will show you how a person can use food the way that others use drugs and has a good lesson at the core of it.

Still… this is a bad movie and potential doesn’t win the race now does it?

Greg Dragon

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