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I’m Here (2010)



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Runtime: 29 min
Synopsis: A young man faces the abrupt loss of his friend.
Release Date: January 21, 2010
Written By: Spike Jonze





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Posted March 20, 2010 by

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With an eerily beautiful soundtrack (Aska), an urban Los Angeles setting and a Sci-Fi twist of old robots walking amongst human beings. I’m Here was a pleasant 30 minute distraction to observe two robots displaying the power of love during the most trying of times. I’m Here is a short film by Spike Jonze about two synthetic people that fall in love. The premise of the movie is about true love in all its glory and although a bit sad, it begs to question our ideals of love and how we would be willing to give up everything for it.

Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) is an old robot (his head looks like an old Packard Bell computer) whose mundane life is a bit lonely. He is a very nice guy who goes out of his way to say hi to people, but the world does not echo this kindness back at him. When he meets the extroverted and free-spirited Francesca (Sienna Guillory) his life changes and she becomes his everything. The problem however is that unlike Sheldon, Francesca is accident-prone and fragile. When Francesca loses an arm at a concert, Sheldon quickly takes off his own to give to her – the gesture is a familiar one. This of course would not be the first time, and before long Sheldon will have to give up everything to keep his darling Francesca around.

I thought this movie was about drug abuse, and because it’s carried by Absolut Vodka it may actually deal with alcoholism. Whatever you think after seeing it, we can all agree that it’s the standard formula of being in a destructive relationship with someone who you can’t let go. When you love somebody through and through you will skip paying a mortgage to bail them out, you will work 2-3 additional jobs to help them through their troubles and you will be willing to sell the mansion and live on the street to pay their bill should they be hurt. This all occurs, and whether their pain was inflicted by substance abuse, stupidity or accident, love makes you want to keep them up and around no matter the sacrifice.

I’m Here was a pretty good short, and I love the site and presentation of it.You can watch this movie on any computer with internet access, the link to the theater is located at:  http://www.imheremovie.com.

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