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Godzilla (2014)



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Runtime: 123 min
Synopsis: The world's most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. (Same as always).
Release Date: May 16, 2014
Written By: Max Borenstein and Dave Callaham.





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Stayed true to the source material. Casted actual Japanese people in roles. Godzilla did all of his signature moves.


Too many cut-aways from the awesomeness. Let the lizard fight damn it!

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The 2014 Gareth Edwards version of Godzilla is damn near perfect. For fans that grew up watching the “king of monsters” stomp through cities, take on giant freaks, and breath hot energy, you will be happy to know that everything stays true to the original—just with a bit of CGI polish, and kickass actors added to the mix. Unfortunately the review scores reflected across the web for Godzilla will reflect the mixed feelings that come from viewers due to many not having enough experience with the source material to understand why it was shot the way it was.

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From the quality of the film, right to the tight shots on the monsters fighting, the attention to detail in Godzilla was nothing short of amazing. Having been treated to a few terrible attempts at bringing this cult classic to the big screen, this new Godzilla blew me away.


Fan service is paid heavily in Godzilla and it will cause many to say it is terrible, while others (like yours truly) will say “WHEN IS IT COMING TO BLU-RAY!? TAKE MY MONEY PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEE!!” The difference will normally stem from the fan having grown up watching Godzilla—whose movies are normally an hour of research and boring human problems followed by 30 minutes of monster awesomeness—while non-fans will be scratching their heads wondering “where the hell is the monster?” after the first half hour has passed.

If you watch Godzilla expecting Pacific Rim, or (sigh) Transformers, then you will probably hate it and will tell all of your friends that it sucks. In my opinion (as you can tell) it doesn’t suck, it’s just not meant for non-fans… well that may make it a bad movie, but to bridge the gap, director Gareth Edwards brought in some acting chops. Does the names Ken Watanabe and Bryan Cranston mean anything to you? Well they’re proven masters of the acting thing but were nothing compared to the real star of the film: the giant lizard with a scrappy game for fighting. Gojira!

Greg Dragon

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