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Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010)



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Runtime: 110 min
Synopsis: Despite being under heavy sedation, Elena tries to make her way out of Arboria, a secluded, quasi-futuristic commune.
Release Date: December 31, 2010
Written By: Panos Cosmatos





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Arboria is a futuristic hospital/commune where patients are supposedly made happy by the efforts of one Barry Nyle (Michael Rogers); in reality it’s a sedated hell for a girl named Elena (Eva Allan). Beyond The Black Rainbow is about the procedures in Arboria and Elena’s eventual effort at escaping.

I wasn’t ready for Beyond The Black Rainbow when I saw it so I will caution you to prime yourself before putting it on. First of all it is really long, really creepy, and is meant to inspire thought as it doesn’t give you a menu much less a waiter from which to order the plot from.

The film is a kickback to the Sci-Fi of the 1970’s and 80’s so it is almost impossible to remember that it was made in 2010 – kudos to director Panos Cosmatos for accomplishing this. The best parts of it for me was the soundtrack… it was so beautifully trippy that it adds a familiarity to the awful hospital and the horrors within. The worst part is it’s brutal length and snail’s pace throughout the hospital sequence.

Watch this movie when you are wide awake and feeling deep or under the influence of a hallucinogen.

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