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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – To The Occasion



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Runtime: 165 min
Synopsis: Eight years on, a new evil rises from where the Batman and Commissioner Gordon tried to bury it, causing the Batman to resurface and fight to protect Gotham City... the very city which brands him an enemy.
Release Date: July 20, 2012
Written By: Jonathan Nolan





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batman and bane

An awesome and scary villain, a beautiful anti-hero and all the gadgets that a rich young man could ever ask for. This is what The Dark Knight Rises presented… well this, and a whole lot of pain and anguish for our beloved Bruce Wayne.

Great directing, excellent pacing and a wrap-up to an already good trilogy in a way that will have fans feeling proud to have experienced it. The Dark Knight Rises was so much more than I expected. The best part of it being the brand new imagining of Cat Woman Selina Kyle played by the beautiful and talented Anne Hathaway…. those lips!

For fans of this character who still haven’t rinsed the bad taste of Halle Berry’s movie out of your mouth, Hathaway’s act will be more than enough to bring the Cat Woman back to the mysterious, femme fatale that we know her as. 

Complemented by the fabulous Tom Hardy as the scary villain Bane – it was a real treat to see these professionals pick up the heavy reins that The Dark Knight left behind and end the series in one of the most spectacular conclusions I have ever seen. The ending blew me away and it was as if director Christopher Nolan tied it all up with a shiny black bow and a bat ornament.

anne hathaway

Not to say that The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t without flaws – the movie came off a bit bloated with the forced emotion, psycho analysis of Wayne and dare I say Alfred (Michael Cain) incessant “fathering”. But the pacing was on point and it never felt overly long like it’s predecessor.

John Blake played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt was another treat; a detective and fan of Batman’s who manages to be quite pushy while not appearing annoying. His acting was top notch and the scenes with Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) were actually very believable. Still it was all about Anne Hathaway for me… playful, naughty, complex, dangerous, and at the heart of it a perfect fit for our Batman. Anne must’ve worked her ass off for the part as her lithe movements combined with excellent choreography made you respect her as both a beauty and a dark hero.

Outstanding special effects; a Gotham that looked more realistic than most of the older films (both Nolan’s and Burton’s) and the magical ability of a director to really bring about the foreboding doom of a city to his/her audience. The Dark Knight Rises will keep you guessing!

It’s a bit bitter-sweet to see this wonderful trilogy end, especially with a director who took the care to make a real Batman for the comic book fans. This trilogy will have set the bar extremely high for both DC and Marvel movies (not to say they haven’t been all hitting on high marks lately) and I would recommend the entire trilogy to those of you who have not seen any of them.

Greg Dragon

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