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Aeon Flux (2005)



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Runtime: 93 min
Synopsis: Aeon Flux is a mysterious assassin working for the Monicans, a group of rebels trying to overthrow the government. When she is a sent on a mission to kill the Chairman, a whole new mystery is found.
Release Date: December 2, 2005
Written By: Phil Hay





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When Aeon Flux first came out in Box Office, I missed out on it and wondered at all the poor reviews it was receiving. The visuals looked amazing on the trailers and while Charlize Theron looked nothing like the animation that I loved, I was expecting her to kill the role being that she has always been a fine actress in other movies. Why do people hate Aeon Flux? I wondered until I got a chance recently to watch it in its entirety and I realized that I too was not on board with the hate.

All Beauty No Substance

The world that Aeon Flux gives us is brilliant in a Sci-Fi fan’s mind. The world has gone to hell, people have been confined to a walled city which houses a few million (the last of the human race) and the fashion, colors and architecture is just absolutely beautiful. On the surface the world seemed like paradise, space-aged elements, cool devices, beautiful women, good looking men and clothes that seem to leap from an artist’s sketchbook unto the willing populace.

Yet all is not right in paradise, people are disappearing daily, the community seems to be at a full stop in terms of growth and people are not allowed to get past the wall into the outlying wilderness beyond. To combat the secretive government and their Gestapo police who are rumored to be the cause of these disappearances, there is a secret organization of assassins known as the Monicans, the best of which is Aeon Flux.

This is where my problems with the movie begin, Charlize Theron seemed out of place as a professional assassin – body-type being soft and feminine versus the build you would expect from someone performing the stunts that she was made to do as Aeon Flux. Examine the original art and think about it for a second (we will pick this up after the video).

Now observe the image above this article and tell me what you think. The delivery of the mysterious Aeon Flux was also off, as we find Charlize to be unconvincing as this top assassin/killer and almost a turn-off from the nice candy coating that the movie produced.

In the cartoon Aeon Flux, we are given a very brief glimpse into this world since they were produced as shorts. In one episode you have Aeon trying to kill Trevor and in another they are making love or swapping information via kissing (using the tongue to uncap her tooth and insert a microscopic note. It made for a very amusing world where everything is an illusion. I can never forget the day we found out why Aeon died in every episode yet was back again kicking ass in the next; the episode had her wake up amongst a million clones of herself. It was absolutely amazing for the 5 minutes or so we were given every week.

Aeon Flux the movie had no such air of mystery as it came off as a weak Sci-fi that used the Aeon Flux name to give itself some names and characters. The meeting between Aeon (Charlize Theron) and Trevor Goodchild (Martin Csokas) was so silly and poorly acted that it was almost laughable to say the least. The stunts were ugly, the story was really bad and the finale made me roll my eyes and wish I had not bothered. I may be being overly critical but having seen the source material I found this movie to be a disgrace.

Were I to redo this movie I would shoot for Zoe Bell or Famke Janssen to play the role of the lithe Aeon Flux, Daniel Craig would be Trevor and I would bring in some seasoned Sci-fi writers with knowledge and love of Peter Chung’s original creation. Speaking of Mr. Chung… he hated the movie too. There are scenes where Charlize is absolutely gorgeous and the cinematography is truly second to none but it takes more than being pretty for a movie (especially Sci-Fi) to work and Aeon Flux failed, it failed miserably.

Greg Dragon

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