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10,000 BC



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Runtime: 109 min
Synopsis: A prehistoric epic that follows a young mammoth hunter's journey through uncharted territory to secure the future of his tribe.
Release Date: March 7, 2008
Written By: Roland Emmerich





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Posted March 7, 2008 by

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Saber-toothed tigers, a beautiful blending of races and the raw instinct of sex that drives a man to cross the world in hopes of chaining down love.

This is 10,000 BC, and it is a different world than the one you envision when the name crosses your mind. The movies that we have been shown about the past all seemed to center around hairy, stupid people battling it out with dinosaurs. The cast as per the norm of movies from yester-year was not just predominately segregated but well I don’t have to elaborate on where I am going with this, chances are you’ve seen the same movies I’ve seen. The one aspect of this review that I will find difficult is in biting my tongue about the similarities. Let’s just say the script is about 90% similar to a certain Mel Gibson movie which detailed the story of another ancient culture. I hate comparison reviews and will not fall into the pit of paradoxical hypocrisy but I was shocked when it started and ended on the same note as Mel’s movie, with a little sprinkle of magic and prophecy to make 10,000 BC more fantastical and different. The details that usually follow on the tale and character synopsis will be brief due to spoiler traps. The trailers do the film no justice in terms of prefacing what you will see, so I will follow suit on this review and leave it up to my readers to see the story for themselves.

A mountain tribe of hunters finds itself preparing for a prophetic danger when a beautiful blue-eyed girl is brought back from a ransacked village. The girl’s destiny is somehow tied to the one warrior who will save his people from the “four-legged demons” and then take the female newcomer as his bride. Young D’leh (Steven Strait) watched as they brought Evolet (Camille Belle) into the camp and even as a child was struck by love and she for him. With the pressure of the prophecy on their heads, D’leh decides that it is he who must prove himself as the chosen one or he will lose the beautiful Evolet forever. 10,000 BC though not classified as a chick flick in any way whatsoever is about love, the love of a man for a woman and the things he will do to overcome any obstacle that would keep him away from her. The warrior’s journey takes you into the huts of dark-skinned Africans, browned Arabs and native Indians which shatters the vision of our all white 10,000 BC cave stereotype. Fantastic creatures such as saber-toothed tigers, mastodons and some strange variety of giant vulture are shown. The special effects on the Woolly Mammoths were spectacular and the cinematography beautiful. Certain parts of the jungle scene did not draw me in much but the entire scene of the final half hour of the movie was very convincing.

I cannot say that this movie will blow you away, but it will offer a nice alternative. It has honor amongst men, camaraderie between races and enough action to keep a well rounded audience attentive but the story suffers from unoriginality and a few slower parts where the dialogue just does not carry it well. The choice of words between the children at the beginning seemed more like a comic book or video game than reality or movie material which led to my laughing rather than taking it seriously for what was said. The special effects were very well done and Camille Belle along with the tribes of people was beautiful but alas a poor unoriginal script killed this for me. Granted the action and eye candy makes this very watchable, I would not fool myself into believing this is a compelling movie to see, and for the love of god please don’t try to justify its connection to actual history. This felt like a more realistic sword and sorcery movie, it is solid fiction and legend just carried out a bit less effectively than it could have. I would not recommend this movie since its plot and choice of locations will no doubt cause more arguments than discussion (especially you history nerds) but for what it’s worth I liked it a lot.

Greg Dragon

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