Posted October 12, 2011 by Greg Dragon in Coming Soon

The Avengers Official Trailer is Here!

While some of us who waited till after the credits finished during Thor have been hyped for quite a bit, many others have been speculating hardcore about The Avengers. All I seem to read on the internet is negativity… okay even I had to laugh at typing that (I mean hello water is wet and the internet = nerds raging about everything) but damn, can we have one inkling of trust in Josh Whedon?

What will be criticized by the impatient internet?

Loki seems to be the main villain. Those of us who saw Thor anticipated that this would be the case but having him on the trailer does not mean that he is going to be major or that he will be alone. People will however think just that – aww man we get the same old villain SNARF!

Stark seems to be running the show. People will be calling this Iron Man 3, they will start to say garbage like “his jokes are not good anymore” and a bunch of other nonsense that they weren’t saying back when it was cool to love Iron Man. Stark had the highest grossing movie out of the lot, it is Stark Enterprises which houses the beloved Avengers so for all sense and purposes this could very well be teased as Iron Man 3 and it wouldn’t make a difference. Shut up already.

It reminds me of Transformers. Ahh the old, it reminds me of (movie I watched and liked but want to appear unique and intelligent by pretending I hate everything about it) blast. The only thing that reminds you of Transformers are the cut-aways and some explosions in the street. If this is the gauge then I am sure that all action movies remind you of Transformers.

Well the new Avengers Trailer is out and it looks exciting, one thrill ride of destruction that will probably make 2 hours seem like 30 minutes. I’m hyped for it, are you?

Greg Dragon

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